An electric griddle is one of the most versatile kitchen appliances you can own. They are a must-have for every cook’s arsenal. There are many variations in shape, style, and function. There are also so many different options for meals you can prepare on an electric griddle. To start with there are a vast number of breakfast dishes you can make with ease using one of these appliances. Anything from pancakes and French toast, eggs in all their delicious variations, potatoes or hash browns, all the way to hearty protein-rich breakfast meats like sausages, bacon, and also ham.

A good griddle makes some of the best pancakes and French toast you have ever tasted; it gives them just the right level of toasting and browning, sealing in all the wonderful flavors. All the different ways you can prepare eggs can be done on an electric griddle. So, when one of your kids wants sunny side up and the other wants scrambled, well that’s not an issue with a griddle, you can prepare both simultaneously. This is a godsend to the busy morning rush of getting everyone ready, fed, and out the door. A favorite for most is the delicious breakfast meats. Bacon, sausage, and ham can all be prepared on an electric griddle, right alongside those eggs and hash browns, making it possible to cook a full breakfast with all the fixings at one time. This saves tons of time, and a great perk is that there is only one dish to wash at the end. Instead of a pile of various pots and pans you just have one to clean, saving time and other resources such as soap and even precious water.

For lunch, you can make all those quick easy dishes such as quesadillas and grilled cheese sandwiches. Anything you would normally prepare for your family using stovetop pans can be done on your countertop electric griddle, using less space, time, and electricity than those more traditional methods. The number of possibilities at your disposal is nearly endless. If you can think it you can cook it on the griddle. If you happen to be using a model with some sides and depth to it you can even prepare things such as pasta and rice. Just keep in mind that with the higher amount of surface area your water will evaporate off at a higher rate, meaning you will use a slightly higher amount of water when preparing these kinds of meals.

Finally, for dinner, you can prepare some of your absolute favorite meals like hamburgers and even steaks. A good electric griddle will make some of the juiciest and tastiest hamburgers you have ever had the pleasure of eating. With the ease of preparing such meals, you will be surprised at the results. Some of the absolute richest most flavorful steaks ever made were done on the surface of an electric griddle. The searing capabilities of a griddle seal in all those wonderful juices and natural flavors, making the final product the best you have ever tasted.

So, there are a vast number of possible dishes you can make for your family using an electric griddle and they can all be done with more ease and simplicity than preparing those same meals using multiple appliances or pans. So, get creative and try any of these or any other dishes you would like to serve your family or friends for the next meal using an electric griddle of your own.

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