When conducting a telesales campaign, it is very important to consider what you need to do first. Properly following a set of steps in the marketing process helps in reducing the problems encountered in a telemarketing campaign. If history is any indication, an improperly planned and conducted lead generation campaign is a quick and easy way to make your marketing campaign a disaster. So how will make it right? What are the things should you keep an eye on when preparing for your campaign?

Follow these nine simple rules, and you can ensure the success of your lead generation campaign.

1. Get a good calling list – before anything, you need to have a business list containing all the pertinent information you will need when talking to business prospects. And you have to make sure these are clean enough to avoid problems during your campaign.

2. Have a clear campaign goal – no matter how good your campaign is, if you do not have any clear goal in sight, you will just end up losing direction. This is a common mistake made by those conducting appointment setting campaigns. They may be nurturing sales leads, but they fail to bring it to the next level.

3. Do not sound scripted – one of the reasons why most telemarketers are rejected by business prospects is because they always sound scripted. Sound natural, skip the script, and you will be more successful in your campaign.

4. Follow-up prospects properly – in all kinds of transactions, if you promise someone that you will get back to them, you should keep to your word. This shows that you are a professional, that you can be relied on when you make a claim.

5. Talk to your intended targets – if you need to talk to someone in the company during your call, make it a point to actually talk to them. Regardless of whether you meet a gate keeper or if the person in question is unavailable, you need to keep up until you meet with that person.

6. Utilize voicemail – in those odd occasions where you are met with a voice machine, you should not show any fear. In fact, you should take this as an opportunity to leave a message to prospects, let them know you have a call, and tell them when you will be calling back.

7. Be pleasant – even if you are met with disapproval or a negative reaction from your prospects, you should keep a positive outlook. This will also translate into the way you speak, your voice, as well as your dealing with B2B leads.

8. Ask questions – you need to know what are the issues faced by your prospects. To do that, you need to ask the right questions.

9. Evaluate the data – based from what you obtain from your telesales campaign, you can then plan on what you need to do properly.

Follow these simple tips, and you can be sure to make your telesales campaign more successful in the end. These are worth your effort.

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Belinda Summers is a professional telemarketer and appointment setter with extensive experience in generating qualified b2b sales leads for businesses through telemarketing. Learn more by visiting http://www.leadgeneration.callboxinc.com/