When it comes to male baldness, there is a relation between the testosterone and this. Read the article to know the reasons of the male baldness and the kinds of the treatments. You will come to know what type of treatment you will need to address the problem. Baldness and testosterone are related to each other. People take some medicines suffer from particular diseases. They may face lots of stress in their life and heredity is also a major cause for hair loss.

Baldness from Gene

People suffering from this may inherit a gene from their parents. This makes them more sensitive to a certain type of hormone which is called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This hormone connects to the follicle and making them damaged and falls out of the scalp. When it comes to male baldness, it is important to solve the problem. Most of the products illustrate about DHT but only some therapies are helpful in this regard.

The Contemporary Therapy for Baldness

The most contemporary treatment is known as Finasteride that has highest rate of success to address the relationship between this and testosterone. As Male Baldness Treatment is effective for changing the level of testosterone, you may encounter difficulties like reduced libido, erectile problem and others.

What Happens to Dihydrotestosterone Hormone?

If you are a male, chances are higher to suffer from this. The level of dihydrotestosterone hormone is enhanced as you get older and attach to healthy follicles. After a certain time, follicles are died and fall of the scalp. This causes male hair loss problem.

Approved Drug for Male Baldness

The name of approved treatment for this problem is Minoxidil. This medicine is used to facilitate new growth and also prevents hair loss. It does not alter the level of the hormone so no side effects regarding sexual activities are supposed to happen after the therapy. DHT is inhibited simply and makes it convenient for the follicles to absorb the important minerals and vitamins for normal growth.

Herbs can Help in This Problem

It is recommended to stop DHT if you want to avoid the problem. Some herbs are available that keep prostate gland healthy and also block DHT and its consequences. By researching on the Internet, you will fine best herbs to address male baldness treatment. This way it will possible to block the DHT and facilitates the hair to grow as before.

Wash Your Hair with Shampoo

Certain shampoos are there to address the problem. It is recommended to follow a routine to wash your hair with a good-quality shampoo as an effective element of the treatment. Certain shampoos are clinically proven good for blocking the hormone locally on the scalp. Doctors recommend using these shampoo 2 to 3 times a week since you may experience dryness on the scalp.

By performing ample of research on the Internet, you can get high-quality treatment to address the problem. It is recommended to continue using the products for re-growth of hair. So it is possible to begin a new path with complete head of hair.

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