The city of Delhi is a well known region of the country. This city is also known as the national capital of the country. The Delhi region has a strong education sector. In the past few decades this city has shown rapid progress in the field of education and teaching. This region is home to eight different universities and also hub to many other successful schools, colleges, research academies and other educational institutions.

The Delhi region is a vast city where you will find people coming from different economic stratas.This city has been one of the most sought after education destination for many people from all round the country. The Excellent Public School is one such revolutionary school that provides education to all those special children who are unable to gain education due to their underprivileged condition. This school has taken a revolutionary step in the field of education and teaching that aims at providing quality as well as holistic education to all the students coming here without any discrimination.

This Excellent Public School has involved new age education tools and technology to cater the modern education and to stay at par with the international education system. This school has a home like environment for a comfortable learning experience of the students. The location of the school is B-Block, Street No. 37 & 38, 25 ft. Holi Chowk Sant Nagar, Burari; Delhi. This school provides education from the nursery school till the twelfth standard.

This school is located near the residential locations and for the distant school does provides the transportation facilities. The impressive infrastructure of the institute is one of the strong points of the school. This institute aims at providing quality and hassle free education to the students without any discrimination. This school has given equal stress and importance to the academic as well as the co curricular programs and activities.

This school has provided best possible school amenities to the students that include spacious and well furnished classrooms, better sitting arrangement and proper teacher to student ratio. Excellent Public School takes pride in country’s age old morals and values and tries to pass them on to the young generation through a developed education system. The teachers of the school are friendly and dedicated, who give their full support to the students and help them with their academic assignments and class work also guide them in their career related queries.

This institute has provided a large playground for various outdoor activities, different laboratories for the practical works. This institute also supports the new age technology and has provided a well equipped computer lab to the students so that they could stay abreast in every field of education.

This institute envisions creating the world class leaders of tomorrow who could take rational and just decisions for the betterment and prosperity of the society and country. The school can now be searched online as it has maintained an official website that provides all the needed information related to the school you just need to login the school website and collect the needed information.

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