It is not just a question of eating the right food but receiving it in communion with the Self.
Have you ever seen people talking on their cell phone, reading a book or walking to the subway while eating?
Now, you’re not going to tell me that you expect to derive the same energy from your food than that person who eats with a deep feeling of gratitude.
In different faiths, followers are expected to receive some type of communion, and I have seen people walking the aisles, totally composed, ready to receive the bread that has been sanctified by the Pastor. It is a great sight!
The question is: what’s the difference between that sanctified bread and the one we eat at home?
Why do we treat our food with such disrespect?
Why are we ready to eat anything available regardless of its source?
I believe the answer lies in how a person perceives herself.
If you see yourself as an ugly creature, one who is not deserving of love, one whose ugliness always seems to be detectable if allowed to be seen, then your food is eaten without love.
If however you see yourself as Divine –on the road to your Source—then, every person, animal or plant, every meal – is an expression of the Divine Self!
Thus the stomach is no longer treated as a dump, but a sanctuary for the renewal of the Divine Energy.
Every bite produces a positive vibration if it is mindfully absorbed.

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Alternative health practitioner masquerading as an attorney in real life