Due to the modernization, the world is growing so much fast and the science has discovered the new ways in every field of life that you cannot estimate them before some years ago. As everyone is working his or her benefits to make the luxuries in their life and want to enhance their resources. All the running and attention is just to make money and to get other amenities of life. but if you observe the life of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him then you will have amazed to learn that after having so much worth He Peace be upon him chose to led a simple life. Who can estimate the position of the Holy Prophet Peace be upon him? There is no one who can explain the position of the Holy Prophet Peace be upon him. As Allah Almighty has enabled the Prophet Peace be upon him to make Miraj towards the heavens. And thousands of Muslims are just desperate to see just one glance the Prophet Peace be upon him. You can also follow the sunnah of the Ibrahim A.S by having the Luxury Umrah Packages2017 For May through which you can make the eminent change in your personality.
We should follow the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet in every field of our life so that we can improve ourselves. If we discussed the matter of the food then there are many days in the life of the Holy Prophet when He Peace be upon him has no food to eat. And we are not happy we eat daily 2 to 3 times of food in a day and still we are not show the feeling of thankfulness. It’s our duty to thankful to Allah Almighty in every moment in our life as Allah Almighty has given us lots of facilities in this life that was not given to the people who were in the past days they make strong struggles in their life and then enable to make the food and now if you compare the past days with modern eras you will see the difference of life standards. As today we have large amount of food stocks in our life and we have stores to make the reservations of food even of years now, still we don’t show the feeling of thankfulness. And it is in the verses of Quran that if you will thankful to Allah Almighty then you will be awarded more and more. Going for umrah or hajj with luxury hajj package must keep in mind the diet during your Holy Journey.

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Muneeb is working complimentary for the Muslims residing in the UK. Reward of Patience in Islam And Umrah, His most of the writings are on Hajj and Umrah, as he is a freelance writer. His writings covering each aspect of Umrah and the Hajj.