In life we are consistently flooded with a similar theme of self improvement tips and how to be the best person you can be. Often there is a repetition of the same content in the area of self improvement, and although that is valuable, it does not really offer anything essentially different. That is not to in any way denigrate the attempts of anybody to better the lot of mankind of course, because the messages are constantly important and helpful.

Easy self improvement tips might be defined by some as being somewhat of an oxymoronic statement as self improvement is testing for many people at the best of times. Lets primarily put the question out there and ask what really is self improvement?

Self improvement by its very definition is an individual decision that is decided by the individual. Its simply a journey that is initiated and envisioned by the individual involved, in other words its done by the person of their own volition. The question often concerns the beginning point of the self improvement process and what it actually entails.

Human beings at least in modern society, tend to measure success on or by proven outcomes. In a nutshell its evident to see that in todays fast paced challenging world that performance is measured and is all about demonstrated or quantitative outcomes. Using this criteria then, how exactly does an area like self improvement get measured? To be direct, the modern world hasn't made the time or considered it valuable enough to properly delineate or define.

And that is the point of view that is being delivered here. Self improvement requires courage and it requires inner power. What it amounts to is that so much of what will be done or attained will not, and cannot be measured or even recognized by the world. Naturally there will be times where new behaviors and changes will be clear or will be seen as tangible. All parties involved may not necessarily know how to articulate them however!

So the mindset necessary for getting self improvement tips into play is one that is focused chiefly on personal recognition of results. By placing the primary focus on process goals, the outcomes will look after themselves. Lets not forget that this is tagged 'self' improvement.

The foundations need to be solid to guarantee future success. Genuine self improvement is a job done from the inside out. Once you know where you are headed and what direction you are coming from, it is a much more visible and effective process. Focus on your intention, your motivation, your goals and your aspirations. Ensure that whatever it is you are hoping to improve has a sound foundation to operate from. Do this and you give yourself much greater scope to experience the free infinite possibilities that are available to an open mind.

So where are those easy self improvement tips spoken about earlier in the article? If you are asking that question or questioning where they are, read the article again and remind yourself that you live in a world that seeks proof, that seeks visible results, and seeks evidence. It is the space between the notes that creates the music. It is the sincere intention of this article to highlight the significance of process in life and to highlight how outcome focused initiatives are only a piece of the self improvement journey.

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Liam Virinovi is a regular contributor and writer in the fields of self development, human potential and health and well being.
The authors theme and approach is to encourage the reader to become aware of, and then go beyond current limitations of thought and beliefs, and to open to the Free Infinite Possibilities that abound to an open mind.
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