Good morning all! In this article, I intend to explain how to earn up to $200 per month through paid surveys. I will show you the best way to earn money from survey sites as well as many tips to help you maximize your earnings.

I assure you, there is nothing very complicated, organization and patience will be your best allies.
A few years ago, following the loss of my job, I looked for ways to reconvert on the web and ways to make money quickly. Among the many activities to generate some gains, was the online paid survey.

To be honest, I was skeptical enough to be able to find serious paid surveys, but because I had enough time, I thought it would not cost me anything to try to make it clear. This is how I realized that it was a method that, without calling on particular knowledge, could generate new revenue.

Let's discuss more...

What are the paid surveys?

Did you know that you could monetize your opinions and opinions on the internet through paid surveys? Also called a paid survey, the paid survey consists of answering a series of questions in exchange for a reward. Compensation can take different forms depending on the site or institute offering the survey, but the most common remuneration is money.

However, do not expect to enrich yourself through paid surveys. Nevertheless, they allow you to have an interesting income supplement to round off your ends of the month while having fun. And all the more so that answering a questionnaire will not take you more than 15 minutes in general.

Are you wondering who would have fun paying you to answer questions and know your opinion? Institutes that offer these paid surveys usually do so for commercial purposes.
Indeed, major brands need to know the opinion of consumers to know how are perceived their brands or their products.

These paid surveys are therefore an effective way to better plan a new marketing campaign, to launch a new product or simply to improve an already commercialized product.

How does it work?

It is very simple to participate in a paid survey on the internet. All you need to do is register on a website that conducts online market research. Once your registration is validated, you will periodically receive paid surveys based on your profile.

Thus, if you are passionate about DIY and gardening, you can expect to have questionnaires about your passion and not about a subject you do not know.

Indeed, it is not uncommon for an online questionnaire to start with trick questions. If you come to answer these questions, then you can continue the survey to completion. If not, you will be blocked and the survey will end.

To maximize your earnings, you have the opportunity to register on multiple sites and select multiple panels. However, pay attention to your choice of panels. Depending on your choice, you can find frequent surveys or surveys that take place only once a month.

Also, consider favoring the safest sites, some sites do not hesitate to promise you mountains and wonders but do not make payments even if your surveys have been properly completed.

How much can you earn with paid surveys?

It's complicated to define the pay that you can expect from paid surveys. Indeed, your earnings depend mainly on the time you can allocate to paid surveys as well as your interests. Indeed, the more you participate in surveys, the higher your earnings will be.

However, it is difficult to imagine making it a source of income on a full-time basis, mainly because survey sites only send you a small survey volume.

You should not expect to receive $1000 per month thanks to this activity, but you can expect to earn a few hundred euros per month (depending on the number of surveys you participate in), enough to comfortably around your end of the month while staying in the comfort of your home.

Each online survey site offers its methods of payment. Some sites offer gift vouchers allowing you to buy items for free on online sales sites such as Amazon, Discount or Some offer movie tickets, but the most encouraging remuneration is still the same money.

If the promised remuneration is monetary, it must be known that the method of payment of each site is different. Some pay you after each investigation while others will wait until you have reached a certain level before you can claim your due.

Moreover, it may be tempting to register on sites that advertise high remunerations. However, if a site advertises a fee of up to $5 for a survey, it happens very rarely. On average, you will be paid from $0.75 to $1 per survey. Since a survey takes you an average of 15 minutes, an online survey time can generate $4.

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