Dyslexia can be a conditioned way of acting

Dyslexia has in many cases been shown to be caused by a subconsciously learnt behavior where the memory is accessed in a neurologically inefficient or even dysfunctional way. The access mechanism does in these cases not utilize the whole capacity of the brain, especially the co-operation of the two brain hemispheres.

Other causes can also have an influence. Working with memory access in these cases can have small or even negligible effect, but it has on the other hand no negative side effects either.

The dyslexia way of acting can be re-programmed

With the help of a specially designed training method, developed within the NLP community, dyslexia caused by these kinds of memory access problems can be completely cured. PsykosyntesForum offers training programs based on the NLP methods.

The training is based on a technique where the subconscious eye movement patterns that exist in connection to memory access are consciously altered. This is combined with visualization techniques where both the brain's digital (linear, sequential) and the brain's analogue (holistic) functions are activated, plus that the auditory memory is conditioned to be coupled to the inner images.

The method has been verified in several studies

Studies have been made showing that the spelling skill for a normally functioning person (i.e. non-dyslectics) increases 25% through the dyslexia training, and that the skill can be decreased with up to 15% by letting normally functioning persons train "dyslectic" memory access behavior.

The scope of the training

The memory access training is set up as two or three initial sessions of one hour each, then practice on the methods by oneself during one month, followed by one follow-up session. After this the training can be done entirely by oneself. The dyslexia usually decreases gradually during a period of one or two years, after which it can become eliminated or at least substantially decreased.

Test yourself with a mini-course e-book from PsykosyntesForum

A mini-course in the form of an e-book has been developed. Naturally, this course cannot be adapted to the individual as is the case with a personal treatment program at PsykosyntesForum. But it can, if your writing and reading difficulties are strongly coupled to memory access techniques, still work very well for you.
The e-book You Can Spell is available in two versions, one for right-handed persons and one for left-handed, as the memory access works in different ways.

Read more at http://www.psykosyntesforum.se/services_dyslexia.htm .

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Lars Gimstedt, Psychosynthesis Therapist, Life Coach