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Dynamics 365 Business Central is the new generation of ERP of Dynamics NAV, the leading Microsoft business application that has the trust of more than 160,000 businesses throughout the world.
It is a very flexible solution, easy to adapt to the needs of each customer, geographies and industries which covers the business areas that many businesses require to manage their businesses.
Furthermore, Dynamics 365 Business Central offers an updated and modern user experience, optimised to obtain information and productivity.
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Challenges and results of supporting Business Central
Migrating to new management software is a process that presents a series of challenges and challenges for any company. Going from local solutions or personalized business management programs to a global, centralized solution that works in the cloud like Business Central requires good planning and a heroic effort that requires the participation and involvement of all areas of the business.
The main challenges faced by the target companies of this study, regarding the support of Business Central, were:
Replace the different solutions that were used to manage business operations and finances. Eliminate ERPs with too many manual processes and no automation options and avoid hiring external companies to perform reports and audits.
Limitation of your ERP tools in terms of scalability and flexibility.
Difficulty keeping your management software updated to the latest version (needs for manual processes or the acquisition of new licenses).
The results obtained by supporting an ERP such as Business Central outweigh the effort that must be made. In fact, there are benefits for the business, such as reducing costs in many processes and operations and increasing agility and efficiency.
Therefore, companies achieve higher productivity and an increase in the competitive level.
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Economic benefits of Microsoft ERP
SMEs that use Business Central as a solution for managing their business achieve a series of economic benefits. As reflected in the Forrester report, these can be scored in several specific areas:
Reduction in hiring needs
With Business Central, the management of financial information and business operations is optimized. This allows the company to continue growing without the need to hire new staff, while it can cope with a higher volume of business (the average reduction in hiring found in the study is 10%).
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Improved flow of operations
The usual operations, as well as the flow of processes and information are significantly improved with the support of what was previously known as Dynamics NAV or Navision. Thus, quick access and an overview of the status of the company are achieved. The business operates with a greater operating capacity, being able to take on higher workloads with the same resources and managing to increase its profitability.
Greater access to information from all areas of the company, access from multiple devices, greater visibility of the organization's operations and a significant increase in process automation have been key to improving the flow of operations and finances of these. companies interviewed.
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Some specific data revealed by the report on the improvement of the flow of operations are:
One interviewee put the improvement in workflow speed in relation to the stock management of their business at 10%.
A finance and operations manager at one of the companies revealed that their accountants released 2 hours of work per week thanks to the automations provided by Business Central.
The CEO of a company in the industrial sector commented that their products have a complicated manufacturing process and that it was impossible to accurately track the entire process. After the migration to Business Central, they can track the entire manufacturing cycle, from creation through manufacturing to delivery.
Another economic benefit after the support of Business Central came in the reduction of costs in relation to solutions and programs used previously. This ERP tool generates savings in the form of licenses, rate reductions, and investments in infrastructure.
Therefore, Business Central is the management software that many companies use to reduce their operating and financial costs and improve the flow of their operations. The study that Microsoft commissioned from Forrester at the end of 2020 reveals that the five companies under study had a return on investment of 165%. In addition, they managed to improve the flow of their operations and finances.
In short, the reduction in new hires or savings in outsourcing services were some of the benefits. In addition, to this can be added the elimination of investments in infrastructure, licenses and maintenance, and the increase in the effectiveness of its finance and operations functions.
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