Dust Mites...perhaps you have heard of them before.

Though, they are not really something that one likes to talk about, yet nearly every house, no matter how clean or dirty is exposed to the major health problems caused by dust mites. Asthma, one of the most common health conditions in US, has seen a drastic rise in its prevalence and severity due to increasing exposure to dust mites and their allergens.

Now, the most obvious question, “where do dust mites live?”
Dust mites are ubiquitous and an extremely potent trigger of chronic allergies and asthma for so many people. They can live anywhere. To begin with they live in your bed, mattress, pillows, drapes, carpets, couch, soft toys, wall coverings, upholstered furniture...phew....that's a lot. I’m talking millions. Dust mites practically live in every nook and corner of your house. This means every time you sleep on your bed, sit on the sofa, walk across the floor or play with stuffed toys, dust mite allergens can trigger your allergies.

Lurking evil beneath your sheets these mites thrive in warm and moist areas. Since dust mites have a tendency to gather on soft surfaces, your bedding and upholstery are a perfect breeding ground for them. Furthermore, the fact we are always shedding dead skin cells, their favorite food, on our mattresses and pillows, these areas offer a tasty feast for dust mites.

Dust mite allergy symptoms often become troublesome at night because your face is buried in the pillow, causing you to cough and sneeze when you should rather be snoozing. Chronic headaches, watery eyes or a stuffy nose may not be far behind.

Now, that you know where dust mites live, it becomes imperative for you to deal with them. Dust mites burrow themselves deeply into soft surfaces and that can make it extremely difficult to eradicate them. Follow these tips to control dust mites:

1. Focus on the bedroom first.
2. Use a dust mite proof mattress cover. It is an effective way to keep mites out of your bed.
3. Using a HEPA air cleaner will reduce the allergens floating around the room.
4. Regular vacuuming will reduce allergens in the carpets and rugs
5. Always clean your bedroom early in the day. It gives the particles time to settle..
6. Use anti-allergn sprays on upholstered furniture.
7. Wash all bedding sheets and pillows in very hot water weekly.
8. Freezing stuffed toys over night kills dust mites. Toss in the dryer on low to know the allergens out.
9. Use dehumidifiers to keep humidity around 50%
10. MOST Important… Realize you will never get rid of dust mites or their allergens. Learn to control and live with them.

Author's Bio: 

Michael and His wife, Cheryl, own the Allergy Store in South Florida. They have been helping people clean up their indoor environment by providing non-drug products and services including duct cleaning, mold remediation, water purification, allergy control products and air purification. Their goal is to help their customers live a comfortable and allergy free life.