In recent times the people of Indonesia are being dihebohkan with a new type of durian, the durian musang king. The new variant of this thorny fruit comes from neighboring country, Malaysia.

Still in one clump, Malaysia has also been much cultivated fruit with this stinging smell. And now, one type of durian from this neighbor country became a very popular fruit and sought by many people.

Durian is busy to be the talk of many people because it tastes no less delicious than durians typical of Thailand and Indonesia. The size is larger than the durian montong. Even today the king of king civets are dubbed the king of durian.

The shape of this fruit is not much different from the durian in general. But the difference is the durian king civet king shape oval and not round as in durian usually. The base of this durian fruit stalk also has a brown color and a slightly flat shape with thorns. In addition, if observed the existing thorn on the skin of this durian pyramid-shaped and has a flat side.

In the country of origin, this black thorn durian becomes one of the best durians than any other. This is not because the durian Musang King has a very thick flesh yellowish and thin seeds. It's also very tasty, where the sweet taste mixed with a bitter bit that will spoil the tongue. If the durian is usually known for its stinging smell, it will not be found on this type of durian.

For its name, this durian is named durian Weasel king is not because there is no link with weasel animal. But because of this one durian is found in the area around the cave called civet cave.

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