Dude! What’s My Sign?
Talk about an identity crisis. Millions of people are now in the proverbial quagmire of finding themselves! With the recent news that the zodiac signs have shifted and what you once thought you were may not be applicable people are daunted and want answers!!! In fact the news media jumped on this story like a hungry pack of wolves on an unattended flock of sheep. News networks such as CNN, FOX, and even ABC called in a “professional” to speak to the masses of people hiding in their closets curled up in the fetal position. PLEASE—somebody give me a break. Is this really news worthy? Are there really people contemplating the meaning of their life now that their sigh has changed? No wonder the pharmaceutical industry is a multi trillion dollar business!
I cannot wrap my head around the belief that one’s life is dictated by the stars. This concept is an antiquated as the Parthenon. Ancient civilizations believed that their lives all hinged on the whims of the gods. They all believed that they, as individuals, were powerless to change the destiny written by the gods and placed in the stars for all to read. They would declare: “This is who I am,” “This is what I do,” “I cannot help it!” And, they believed that they were powerless to change anything about themselves, their lives and their futures. All that remains of the ancient culture of Greece is ruins, yet that mindset of being a helpless victim is still prevalent even in modern society. How can this be??
Here is the truth: You write your own life! When God created man, He gave mankind the gift of freewill! That’s right. God gave us the ability to make choices on our own. God gave only one commandment to Adam and Eve, and that was not to eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God’s intention was not for man to eat of the fruit, but for man to be godlike, man must be given the power to act freely. Man acted, and the fall out received from that action was not the result of God’s purpose, but of man’s dumb choice. And, the first thing that man did, when confronted with his dumb actions, was to blame someone else.
Adam blamed God. For Adam believed that it was all God’s fault. If God had not made that woman and gave her to him, he would have never done what he did. And, since that time man has been playing the victim card. Any culture anywhere in the world has parroted the same sentiment: The god’s screwed up my life! Thus, we have millions of people in our very modern world who still cling to this ancient practice called the blame game. They are simply the helpless victims of things beyond their control. They cannot fight their destiny! OH SHUT UP!
The truth is YOU have the power to make your life whatever you want it to be. The truth is you have the ability to write out the life you want to live. You have the power to make choices, good or bad, to determine how you will live your life. You were created with divine DNA in you. You have the power to think, speak, and create. No other creature on the face of this planet possesses this capacity. But, you do! Realize that your destiny does not hinge on a zodiac sign. Your future isn’t in the hands of fate. You determine your life. You determine the quality of your life. You determine your own success or failure. It is all in your hands. Stand up and take responsibility for who you are, where you are and where you are going. To quote Lawrence of Arabia, “Nothing is ever written unless you write it.”

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