Dubai has become one of the most glamorous cities in the world. Surprisingly, although there are still many areas that need a lot of improvement and have suffered from inattention, which should have improved over time. Like the roads that need to be paved and made new. Poor working conditions and low-quality accommodation for the working class are also a topic to be investigated.

Another missing element is the singles accommodation environment. This land of dreams does not have enough open space for people who have truly achieved their goals and are examples of historical achievement. Dubai has many apartments, vacation villas, hotels, but the problem is that there is no place to spend the night regularly.

Firstly, the status of a bachelor residing in the UAE region is viewed with caution, it is taboo. They are considered trespassers and are not enthusiastic as they mingle with the female crowd; in fact, it is close to not allowed.

The Dubai government, in fact, plans to introduce legal but strict legislation that will tighten the rules on the bachelor lifestyle. There is a rule that is on guard that a fine is imposed on those who can leave their property to a single person. So in case the Dubai government plans another more consistent system for singles, there will be additional problems that will arise over time.

Since apartments are already scarce, with high rents, singles have no choice but to live in rental properties. However, in the near future when the law comes out, even this option will be non-existent. For moore click here

A solution to this problem can be found in building singles apartment blocks; It meant only for single men. The UAE government has taken some steps towards such an undertaking. There are also problems for this; like horrible traffic. And then, other accommodation areas do not accept singles in their establishments. Therefore, it is a stranded question between the ethics of the city and the force that works in the market.

From a bachelor's point of view, the state should be more forgiving and easy on them. It must be understood that the whole matter is not as extreme as it has been led to believe.

Therefore, Dubai should take into account the views of singles and the city's laws, and then come up with a suitable solution for both.

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Since apartments are already scarce, with high rents, singles have no choice but to live in rental properties.