Thailand surrounded green nature and fresh air is an effective inpatient rehabilitation facility that provides rehabilitation for those who have been addicted to alcohol, prescription drugs and behavioral addictions, such as sex, internet, gambling, and the rehabilitation forms that we use are widely accepted by medical and rehabilitation facilities.

Other addicts around the world that Licensed rehab clinics in Thailand are a world-class rehabilitation facility and have the same standards as the West.

Our services range from drug and alcohol detoxification programs. (Treatment in hospitals that meet standards) up to the prevention of repeated addictions in which we focus on the root cause of mental health problems Like depression Anxiety And mental trauma which often occurs together with addictions.

The treatment system for drug addicts is divided into 3 systems as follows: 1. The voluntary system refers to the voluntary addicts who receive treatment. In various medical institutions that carry out both modern and traditional medicine systems

1. The punishment system means the drug addicts commit crimes and imprisoned. Must be treated under the rules of the law, such as special treatment corrections of the Department of Corrections. Ministry of Interior Department of Probation And the Observation and Protection Center for Children and Youth Under the Central Juvenile and Family Court Ministry of Justice

2. The mandatory system means the use of laws to force drug addicts to receive treatment. In the rehabilitation center established According to the Drug Addict Rehabilitation Act B.E. 2534

The treatment process for drug addicts is divided into 4 steps:

1. Preparation (Pre-Admission) meaning is a study of information history. And the background of drug addicts Both from the person requesting treatment and the family To persuade and give advice And encourage drug addicts There are treatment intentions, conducting interviews, registration and medical procedures including physical examination, X-rays, blood tests, urine tests, weighing

2. Advanced drug detoxification (Detoxification) Definition of physical symptoms. Caused by the use of drugs, other alternative therapies, such as methadone, herbal medicine, or to stop using immediately, which is called raw breaking, divided into outpatient poisoning, ie no need to spend the night in a hospital But must take the medicine as scheduled And in-patient style is an overnight stay in a hospital. Which aside from neutralizing the drug There are also treatments for complications, including education, such as health care. Disease prevention etc.

3. Rehabilitation procedures (Rehabilitation) meaning is the physical and mental condition. Of the drug-abstainers Modify personality and behavior To be able to return to society normally. The use of various activities, such as giving advice. Both individually and as a group, Dharma training, recreation, professional training, etc.

There are also other forms, such as "community therapy" rehabilitation, which creates communities Or a model society for drug abusers to come together To help each other mimic behavior Practice responsibility, self-awareness And correct the problem appropriately To return to normal life in the society And mental rejuvenation By using religious principles such as bringing people who stop using drugs to support The study of religious principles, etc.

4. After-Care means to follow up care of drug-abstainers who have gone through 3 treatment steps to provide advice, counsel, and encouragement in order not to return to drug use again. Visiting telephone calls, using questionnaires, and taking urine tests for drugs

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Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai offer world-class medical services but it is only in recent years that Thailand has gained a reputation for highly rated rehab centers for recovering drug and alcohol addicts.