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I am back with another interesting post that will surely set you on a thinking path. Today we are talking about what you should choose, dreams or imagination, and the answer as always is revealing, so here goes.....

Dreams, everyone has them, those who say they don’t have them, actually are not aware of them. What are the most common dreams now a day, well it depends on what stage of life aperson is in, some of the common ones are,

For a student,
· Scoring in exams, more commonly clearing the exams.
· Being popular.
· Having the latest gadgets, almost immediately Iphone comes to mind, the latest one.
· May be a latest bike, and the like.

For a working person,
· Own house.
· Better car.
· Dream Holiday, possibly abroad.
· Better job (meaning less work, more pay), and the like.

There are many more which can be added to the list, but merely dreaming about all these things does not help, don’t believe me, well look at yourself honestly, how many of your dreams are coming true, and if they are coming true then you must be doing something in addition to dreaming about these things, and that is precisely what I am going to talk about. That something is called as imagination! Confused yet, read on.

Well let me first tell you what according to me imagination is. It is a way of thinking in which you imagine exactly what you want in your mind as if you already has it, and you are enjoying it, and are happy to the core because you that something, it might be anything from the above list and more. It might be good grades for students, a better job for those who are working, better relationships, and more time for you or family, etc.

Now you might ask what’s the point of imagining something which is not true yet, isn’t it what day dreaming is all about. Well yes and no!

Why yes? Well you have to day dream these things but in a specific manner, which I will disclose in a while.
Why no? Because here you are not just going think about it, you are going to do something about it. So what exactly is it? Here it is......

It is a process where you imagine things, using creative visualization by following the steps below, but you have to set aside fixed time for this exercise, may be 15-20 in daily, once you do it 5-6 times the time required will go down drastically,

Identify something which you want badly, something which you actually need, something which if you get it will improve the quality of your life (last time I checked having an Iphone did not make you fly)!

Ok, so you have decided on the thing which you want, need, and right now. Now imagine that you have it, you have got it, and you are enjoying it, but how exactly do you imagine it, well let’s do it the scientific way....

a. Imagine having what you want would feel like – sense of touch.
b. Imagine having what you want would sound like – sense of hearing.
c. Imagine having what you want would taste like (if it is something you would like to eat) – sense of taste.
d. Imagine having what you want would smell like (like the smell of a fresh brand new car) – sense of smell.
e. Imagine having what you want would look like (probably the most powerful sense in human body) – sense of vision or seeing.

Now every time you are imagining the thing you absolutely want, think of it in terms of these five senses, when I say imagine as if you have it, imagine how you would see, hear, touch, taste and smell things while enjoying having what you want the most. Now not all situations and things would call on all five senses, but try to imagine things in great detail, the more details the better.

Repeat this exercise daily, without fail, and associating as many emotions with it as possible. E.g.: Imagine feeling the exhilaration and pride on getting great grades, the goose bumps of going on to your first long drive in you brand new car, etc. The more emotions you associate with it the better.

Now what exactly am I going to accomplish, by doing my day dreaming, albeit in great detail, with increased effort, you may ask? Well this exercise is not done to give you the pleasure of day dreaming, but to instruct you subconscious mind about what you are feeling by imagining that you have with you what you absolutely want. Your subconscious mind cannot make a difference between something which you actually experience and something you just imagine (but using the process mentioned above), and it believes it. Once your subconscious mind believes something it will try to find out opportunities by which you can actually make it a reality, the opportunities which you might have missed earlier.

This subconscious mind is a very powerful thing, and its means and ways are not understood easily by our conscious mind. So if you do this exercise repeatedly without fail, I sure you will find a renewed confidence and energy which will take you even closer to what you want. This technique can be applied to anything ranging from a gadget to change in behavior, the only thing you have to do is to imagine, and in great detail.

So get started, identify something you want and apply this process of imagination to it, and enjoy the results.

Keep at it!


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