What are your dreams? We each have them, and they literally shape our thoughts and hopes. But, do you actually believe your dreams are possible? The unfortunate reality for most of us is that our dreams remain only as thoughts and wishes and never convert into actions. Ask yourself this important question – are you planning on making your dreams a reality someday … or are you actually doing something now to accomplish them?

The great Og Mandino said it so well when he wrote: “My dreams are worthless, my plans are dust, my goals are impossible. All are of no value unless they are followed by action.” Sadly, the majority of ‘dreamers’ fail to accomplish their dreams because they fall victim to one of these mistakes or excuses:

1) Failure to ACT NOW: We need to stop waiting for future events to come and heal our present day problems; for when those events arrive, they become the present problems and we go on still waiting for future remedies. Life’s opportunities to accomplish a goal or dream do come, occasionally, but they usually come before we are prepared and are gone before we realize it. If you are waiting for more time, money, experience, credentials, or knowledge to accomplish your dreams – you will be sorely disappointed when either you don’t obtain them, or actually do obtain them but realize it was not those things that prohibited you from accomplishing the dream. The ability to overcome fear and failure, take a risk, and develop the attributes of believing and persistence will do far more in life for you than any amount of money obtained, degrees earned, jobs worked, connections made, institutions attended, or knowledge gained.

2) More Scared of Actually Accomplishing the Dream: I have personally found that the vast majority of people are far more scared of accomplishing their dreams than actually failing to achieve them. Being mediocre is certainly easier and less-risky than the work necessary for success in anything! Despite our potential, we allow our fears and doubts to become traitors – and the result is always inaction and regret. Marianne Williamson said it best when she said: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” However, while we each may have this light, power, and potential, the question really is – do we have the work ethic necessary to become and accomplish the light, power, and potential within us all?

3) Don’t Believe in Themselves or that the Dream is Possible: The failure to act on a dream is always the result of the inability to believe the dream is possible. If one truly believed their dream was possible, they would do everything and anything to make it a reality. Likewise, being scared to accomplish a dream because of the potential work necessary to get there is evidence of a lack of belief in oneself. Dreams never have, and never will, be accomplished until the dreamer believes in themselves and that the accomplishment of their dream – while obtaining it may be difficult – is possible!

So, the question really is not ‘what are your dreams’ – the question that should be asked is ‘do you believe in yourself and in your dream, and are you willing to put forth the work necessary to make your dreams a reality?’ If not, your dreams will simply be just dreams, ideas, thoughts, hopes, wishes, and not much more. The only satisfaction and enjoyment you will obtain from such dreams and thoughts is the hope that some future event will come and heal your present problems; but until belief and actions accompany those dreams, those future remedies that always arrive will only become present problems – and thus, success will be lost because you dreamed big but didn’t act now!

The reality is that each of us, in some way, can improve on applying this principle more fully in our lives. Thankfully, regardless of our situation, location, age, and circumstance in life, we can decide right now to change and improve. Success, living up to our potential, and achieving our goals and dreams IS possible if we can learn how to Dream Big & Act Now!

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Matt is the founder of http://www.awakeyourpotential.com/ – a website focused on inspiring people to achieve their goals and dreams, live up to their full potential, and learn the secrets for success in anything. As a successful entrepreneur, Matt recently accomplished one of his dreams – to write a book! His book is entitled: “Great Games! 175 Games & Activities for Families, Groups, & Children.” To view the book and learn more, visit: http://www.greatgamesbook.com/