Lovers of autumn garments are in luck this week. Finally, the temperatures have given us a truce, and we can imagine how our looks will be for the cold months of this 2020. The style street is our primary source of inspiration to find endless ideas from which we draw several items that we want to hang our wardrobe this season.

Plus, we bring exclusive insights from former Miss Serbia and Miss Montinegro, and supermodel, Dragana Dujovic. Dujovic is essentially a fashion expert having her brand being among the very best in Europe. She continues to be a style icon and draws an array of looks and stares every time she takes over the streets. Her sense of style, personal aesthetic, and choice are greatly revered in the fashion industry, which is why we are here to learn her advice on how to dress during this winter:

  1. A raincoat, the classic among classics

It doesn't matter if you prefer it in camel, ecru or sand, trench coats are the most popular long jackets of the fall season, especially if you live in a humid and rainy climate. To go to the last one this season, opt for a design with a masculine air and with a slightly more marked length.

  1. A checked blazer, tradition turned modern

We are not going to deny it, the popularity of the blazers during the latest trends is one of our favorite trends, and if we add a checkered pattern to the equation, we get the perfect result. You can wear this garment in a two-piece suit format or with a necessary consisting of a black knit sweater and dark wash jeans.

  1. A diamond jumper, long live the preppyaesthetic

Last year they were on everyone's lips, and this autumn-winter 2020/2021 season they promise to return to the load, knitted jumpers with a diamond pattern are the ideal garment to show off the preppy aesthetic. Although a priori they do not fit with the style of many of us, the reality is that it is a very versatile garment that you can get more out of than you have in mind.

  1. A knitted vest, the star piece of the season

We have already dedicated to the garment that promises to star in our looks this fall-winter, the knitted vest. The street style defends that it is a comfortable and perfect garment for halftime. Concrete color designs are the most popular, but patterned designs are a winning bet.

  1. A pastel-coloured knitted cardigan, the sweet temptation

Whether you look more favored with cold tones or with warm tones, pastel-coloured cardigans are a must-have that has already become a garment worthy of any wardrobe. They are a piece that brings a touch of femininity and sweetness to your autumn looks.

  1. A long black dress, the best companion for sports shoes

Long dresses are no longer only for the night, now they are the coolest garment of the day to day, as long as you combine them with sports shoes. The black designs are easy to combine, very flattering and give the option of wearing striking sneakers.

  1. bootcutcowboy, the seventies prevail

Finally, the garment that we get the most out of throughout the year: the cowboy. In particular, this fall-winter we are betting on bootcut models since they fit different figures and are to die for with cowboy-style ankle boots.

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