CAD Drafting Services

Drafting Services now a days perform several different task other than just creating blueprints. Some of these include architecture, mechanical, civil, MEP, or any other type of technical drawing. With the use of computer software and advancements in the drafting field, drafting Services can create 3D models. These 3D Models can be used to manufacture a host of different products, and allows the CAD designer to evaluate every aspect of the design before production. Another new practice among drafting services is to Convert old 2D drawings into 3D drawings, or 3D models.

Drafting Services

Drafting services can produce many types of technical drawings. architecture, one of the more recognized fields deals with the engineering of buildings for residential and commercial property. Mechanical drafting is associated with the development of parts for just about anything. It could be a sprocket on a bicycle, or a rim for a car. Both would be considered to be mechanical parts. Civil drafting is for roads, bridges, parking lots and so on. In the electrical drafting field CAD draftsmen develop electrical schematics for a number of different things. Plumbing is another practice drafters design, and that’s basically self explanatory.

3D Models

With the introduction of CAD software, 3D models have become the standard way of designing any technical drawing. When a 3D Model is created it has more than just two dimensions. This allows the CAD draftsmen to use one component of the drawing several ways. Just imagine if you had a 2D overhead view of some piping, but needed a front view of it. You would have to redraw the view over again, whereas if you were working in 3D, all you would have to do is rotate the view to the front and all the lines would be visible. Once a 3D model is created, you can obtain any view of the object, and it will be proportionate from where your looking. This new technology allows CAD designers to manipulate designs in ways they never could before.

CAD Conversion

With all the old blueprints out there that need to be updated CAD conversion has become a widespread practice among CAD drafting services. This is the process of taking old 2D blueprints and converting them to CAD or 3D. Sometimes the old file may be in PDF format, and the customer wants it in a DWF file. A DWF is a standard type of CAD file that contains 3D capabilities. An advantage of having the file converted into a DWF, or DWG is that it may be re-opened at any point in the future and edited. This will shorten the length of time it takes to update the drawings, therefore saving the client time and money. By the way it’s hard to find a draftsmen who does work other than on CAD. If you would like to lean more about CAD visit CAD Drafting Services Thank You

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