Dating becomes much more complicated once we go past the mark of 50 in our passports. We don’t necessarily have time or desire to go out as often as we used to, so we don’t get many chances to meet someone new. Luckily, we also live in an incredible time because there are lots of online dating opportunities available, especially if you know the right places. This is our DoULikeSenior review. Enjoy!

Our Review

DoULikeSenior is an online dating site designed specifically for people in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond. This is a safe and secure platform that gathers mature people who are looking for love. We’ve heard a lot of good things about this site from multiple reviews, so we’ve also decided to review DoULikeSenior and see whether it lives up to all the praise.

In short, we give the DoULikeSenior dating site (website, service) a solid 8 out of ten. It is very easy to use and we’ve managed to make a few successful matches relatively fast. And yes, it actually is for mature people, so you can be sure you won’t have to browse through endless lists of 20-something users trying to find someone your age.

Member & Age Structure

As the name implies, dating site DoULikeSenior is designed for mature users. Typically, what you’ll find is people around 50 - 60 years old. There may be quite a few younger users, but we haven’t encountered many singles older than 70. And this is not surprising at all. How many of your acquaintances over 70 are confident using PC? Yep, the answer to this question explains it all.

Speaking about the gender proportion, there are pretty much even amounts of male and female users, with a slightly bigger percentage of the latter. It looks like women are more inclined to open new horizons online. Anyways, you won’t have to do much browsing if you don’t want to because the site’s matchmaking algorithm does most of the job for you.


The DoULikeSenior dating site, as many reviews note, is very easy to use. Even if you have never tried online dating before, you’ll easily figure everything out. To connect with the person that you liked, you only need to click on the “heart” below their profile pictures. This action will let them know that you are interested in them, and if they want to respond, they can “like” you back, and then it’s a match. You can keep talking with them in chat and get to know each other better. And the same works vice versa. If someone finds you attractive, they can “like” you and wait for your response.

Pros & Cons

This dating site has lots of benefits. The most valuable pros, in our opinion, are the following:

-It’s very easy to join the community and set up your account. If you have Facebook, you’re basically all set.
-The site has clear and simple navigation. There are no confusing menus, everything is very straightforward.
-There are both a desktop and a mobile version.

Along with the pros, there are still some cons that we couldn’t ignore. Here are these:

-Many people ask, is DoULikeSenior free? Nope, it’s not. DoULikeSenior cost is not very high, but you still need to get a paid subscription to use all functions.
-The search filters could be better. They are good enough to help you find a match though, but there’s always room for improvement.

DoULikeSenior has come imperfections, which affect its overall rating. But overall, we think that this platform is pretty good because it delivers on the promise.

Safety & Security

We haven’t found anything suspicious about this platform that would make us want to doubt in its security. And we haven’t found any safety complaints in other DoULikeSenior reviews. According to the information on their homepage, more than 80% of users are verified, which is a pretty impressive number. Unlike some of the free dating sites that we’ve seen, this one doesn’t have any explicit issues like lots of fake profiles. The fact that the site is paid can be viewed as a disadvantage, but from the safety & security perspective, it only makes the platform more reliable.

Mobile App

As we’ve already mentioned, DoULikeSenior has a mobile app, check out the pricing on
Google Play if you use Android or App Store if you have iOS. DoULikeSenior reviews say that the app offers a great user experience, we’ve tried it and we generally agree. If you are an active smartphone user, you’ll find it extremely convenient to look for matches on the go. This is a great alternative for active people who don’t usually spend their time in front of the computer.

Find Love on DoULikeSenior

As we come closer to the end of our DoULikeSenior review, we can recommend this website to every mature single who’s looking for a special someone. Even though it’s not perfect, the platform will provide you with tons of dating opportunities. You just need to be willing to open your heart to new experiences.

Long gone are the times when the internet was a space for teenagers. These days, people of all ages can use it as a means to solve their problems. So if you are considering online dating, there is no other place like DoULikeSenior. Just create your account and give it a try. You’ll see for yourself that it’s easy and super fun.

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Mike Anderson is a young writer. He tries to help people to overcome relationship, dating, parenting and give helpful pieces of advice.