If you are one of the millions of consumers that flip through channels until they get to the news every morning or night, chances are that over the past few year you have been hearing about nationwide education budget cuts. There have been debates that weigh out the pros and cons of these budget cuts covering topics like the affect that this will have on children and the governmental and monetary strength of the United States. However, the bottom line is that because of the faults of many adults, CORPORATE, GOVERNMENTAL AND CONSUMERS, our children THE FUTURE OF THE UNITED STATES are now suffering the consequences. The bottom line here is that these budget cuts are not fair to children!

Well, I'm going to be honest here, no matter how much I complain about the issue at hand, nothing will change. The key to making a change in our economic condition and how it changes the lives of our children is taking action! I'm not talking about month long protests and violent outbursts by people towards corporations and governmental authorities. That's no way to make a change. I'm talking about each consumer, business owner and government authority taking a step forward in the direction of progress.

With that said, hello everyone, my name is Joshua Rodriguez and I'm the owner and founder of www.JEMCreditCards.com! I admit that I too started this website for selfish reasons however, I now see that we must do something to protect our future doctors, lawyers and presidents! So, today I announce the JEMCreditCards.com Choose Your School Program! This is simply my way of giving back to the community that at this point has given me so much!

My goal is that through consumer and corporate participation I will be able to help raise $250,000.00 by December 2012 for schools all over the United States. However, because of the tough economic times, to do this I had to come up with a way that Americans could donate without having to spend a dime. Therefore, on my website, www.JEMCreditCards.com, I have added a link to a directory called Choose Your School!

When consumers click the choose your school link in the left hand menu, they will be brought to a page that will explain even more of my reasoning behind this program and will give a list of the schools currently listed in the directory. When Americans click a link with a schools name, they will then be taken to that specific schools page in the JEMCreditCards.com Choose Your School Directory. This page will have multiple financial offers such as free credit reports and charge card accounts for consumers with bad, fair, good and excellent credit! Each time an action is taken on a Choose Your School Directory page, the school listed on that page will be sent a donation of anywhere from $5 to $55 within 60 days of the approved action! All actions on these directories are absolutely free and the donations are paid by advertising dollars meaning that no one has to spend a dime to donate!

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