Donald Trump. I would not be at all surprised to find out that Donald Trump has alzheimers or dementia. Some of the things he has done, said and believed remind me very much of the way that people who have had these diseases have behaved in the past.

I also would not be at all surprised that he escalates into being very anxious and depressed now. He lived for being the President of America, it was just about the most important thing that had ever happened to him. It was not about money, he could have earned a great deal more other ways, in less time and far easier ways. He really did believe he was the answer to all of the problems in the World and for a time it looked like he might be correct.

Now it has got to the point where his arrogance makes him believe that he cannot lose an election so it must be some sort of scam. And everyone would rather vote for just about anyone else, even a man who is nearly eighty, than for him. Nobody has faith in him, and he must have yes men about who bow and scrape to him so that can be confusing for him.

I do not see him returning - not through choice - but it may well be like the Royal family in the UK where they say they are self isolating etc when in truth a lot of it is to do with their age, health and them needing to cut back far more.

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