Whole World Gone Nuts About Reaching Potential

Yes, re-read the headline if you’d be so kind. I am 100% seriously encouraging you to not dare reach your potential… Ever.

There are huge names out there today promising they can help you reach your potential. It’s time to be afraid – very afraid of these men and women.

Do yourself the biggest favour of your Life… Stop Listening To These Crazy People Right NOW.

Ask yourself this vitally important question. ‘Why would I ever want to reach my potential?’ I firmly believe with every bone in my body that wanting to reach your potential is the kiss of death to your future hopes and dreams. Yes, kiss your hopes and dreams goodbye – Forever.

Before you say to yourself ‘Who is this crazy Woman anyway’ please allow me to explain exactly what I mean.

You see I personally would truly hate to reach my potential. The reason being is I have never been interested in reaching my potential. In fact I hope that I never ever reach my potential.

You see I am only interesting in and focused on exceeding my potential. Now to me that’s what it’s all about. Glad you kept reading? Are you starting to get my meaning now?

I would be so bored if I ever ended up reaching my potential. What on earth would I do next?

If you get my drift then I can help you exceed your potential too.

Go on… Go beyond the sky being the limit. To your success. Exceedingly.

Author's Bio: 

Marie O’Riordan is Ireland’s Leading Accelerated Media Strategist.™ Marie’s 21 year Career highlights in Radio, Television & Award Winning Short Filmmaking read like a ‘Who’s Who.’ To illustrate this fact & give you just one prime example here, Mother Teresa gave Marie her last Interview before she died in her home in Calcutta, India in 1997. Now Guru’s all over the World seek out Marie to work with them & share her expertise.