Bathroom renovations can be exciting and also a very tiring experience. It doesn’t just involves proper planning but requires a fine balance on areas that need special attention and aspects that need skimping.

Carter Fell- a bathroom and renovation specialist in Sydney says:

“To achieve a flawless bathroom renovation; one needs to focus on two key factors- the functionality of the bathroom and its design!”

Plus, Carter also points out some key aspects that one should not skimp on their next bathroom remodelling.

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Accent Tiles For The Background

To complement the minimalistic floor tiles; add accent tiles above the bath or within the backsplash or background.

It will lend it more character and colour to the whole presentation and make it more inviting. It doesn’t cost a great deal for adding accent tiles, and so one should not think of skimping it.

Quality Countertops

Countertops are a worthy investment in most bathroom remodelling projects. Quality countertops can withstand a fair length of time, meaning one doesn’t need to worry about replacing it prematurely.

Sit with a quality designer specialising in bathroom renovations in Sydney at cost-effective rates. Sort out the designs, style and material to use for the countertop.

As good suggestions; one can go for Granite and Quartz countertops. They not only look great but are also very strong and long-lasting.

Toilets And Fixtures

Toilets should be considered as items which will be used for a long time. So, it is best to invest in a quality one to blend all elements of the bathroom together.

As for its fixtures; one should select cohesive items which provide ample functionality with space conveniences.

Some Recommended Ones’ Include:

  • Bathroom sink with faucets
  • Shower and bathtub faucets
  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Bidet fixtures and faucets
  • Medicine cabinet
  • Exhaust fan


Appropriate lights are pivotal to defining the bathroom ambience. Even the budget-friendly options ranging from metal installations and ultramodern cool LED designs can create a sufficient impact.

This is not something to skimp, rather with proper design, fixtures and the right light to illuminate it; one can turn their boring bathroom into a specimen-of-beauty!

Plumbing Operations

Performing the right plumbing operations goes a long way in keeping the bathroom functional for a long time. And what’s more; one doesn’t need to have the most luxurious plumbing treatments too.

Speak to an expert and request them to see whether the toilet, sink and shower are working properly. This will guarantee reliability and assurance for several years.

Lastly Extra Storage

Having ample storage only makes the bathroom more functional. The good news is there’s an abundance of storage options to go for at low-priced rates. Those include floating shelves, storage ladder, sink shirts, step tools with storage and even storage racks within vanity doors.

Each of these options makes one spend less and prevents them from skimping this crucial aspect of their bathroom renovation.

Whatever design one has in their mind, it’s best to consult with an expert of bathroom renovations in Miranda and determine its scope and budget.

These experts will be more than willing to help!

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The author...has heaps of professional experience in bathroom renovations in Miranda for years. With that, the author also likes writing and educates the readers on various topics and aspects of bathroom renovations in Sydney.