The following article states the marble-care mistakes that you should avoid to increase the longevity of your white marble kitchen top.

How to keep your Italian marble kitchen top clean and long-lasting? Well, most people who have marble decors in their interiors ask this. Unlike most natural stones, marble is low-maintenance. You can keep your marble clean without investing in expensive cleansers. But that doesn’t mean that you can use any random things on marble. Since marble is porous, it’s prone to scratches and stains. Hence, you should think twice before putting something on your marble countertops. And we’ll talk about that further in the below article.

4 care mistakes that can cause permanent damage to your marble

Marble is one of the most luxurious natural stones in the stone industry. And bright Italian white marbles are the most luxurious among other marble varieties. Having a marble décor can revamp your entire kitchen’s look. But you should ensure to care for it in the right way. And for that, you should never make these mistakes,

1. Never leave wines and other coloured drinks open on your unsealed marble counter.

Do you have an ongoing party and you left your wine bottles open on your kitchen counter? It can be a huge mistake and ruin your marble.

• If your marble top isn’t sealed, it’s more prone to get stains and scratches.
• Leaving your wine opened on your marble counter can stain it and ruin it permanently.
• Apart from spills, your opened wine bottle can also leave marks or rings on the marbles.
• Without a sealant, the stain will seep into the stone’s crevices and form permanent stains.

2. Never use cleansers with acidic content to clean your marble countertop.

Do you spray cleansers all over your kitchen counter and then come back to wipe it all? Well, you must stop making these mistakes.

• Most kitchen cleansers contain lemon juice or vinegar which can dull your marble if left longer.
• Most counter cleansers can help remove stains and smells from the kitchen, but they may be harsh on your marble.
• Using cleansers with acidic content on marble can lift off the sealer and etch the surface.

3. Never use harsh scrubbers/cloths on your marble for any reason.

Do you not clean/wipe your marble counter regularly? It can lead to several stains/spots that can make you use hard scrubbers on them. And it’s a huge mistake.

• The roughness of harsh scrubber pads or rags can damage your countertop permanently.
• It can also take off the sealant layer and leave your counter open to all stains and marks.
• Using harsh scrubbers/cloths on marble counters can also scratch the surface badly.

4. Never leave grime/spills on your marble top for a longer period.

Do you have a big family? Then you may always not have the time to clean your marble counter properly after using it. But regardless of anything, you should at least wipe down your marble top every time you use it.

• Leaving anything dirty from the outside on your marble counter can ruin it in no time.
• Marble consists of carbonate minerals that react with acids. Thus, leaving anything acidic like lemon slices on marbles will be fatal.
• It can cause permanent etch marks on your marble top and make it forever dull.

Are you planning to install a white Italian marble kitchen top in your interior? Having a lush look and feel, they can be great for your kitchen. But you must upkeep it in the right way to make it shine forever. And we hope this article will help you with that.

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