Yes, don’t go crazy when your computer inadvertently closes everything and shows a blue screen with white-texted error details on it. The ‘Blue screen of Death’ (that’s how people like to call it) is a common Windows OS error that when occurs forces the computer to shut down and displays a STOP error screen, causing data loss or severe OS problem among other critical issues.

What Causes BSOD error?

• Corrupted/faulty device drivers
• Corrupted registry entries
• Virus infection
• Excessive heat
• Low computer memory
• Hardware malfunction
• Corrupted Software

How to Fix It Guide:

Restart computer – It is the easiest and most effective method to get rid of the BSOD error, if the Windows has no other related problem. Rebooting retunes the OS and the programs inside.

Update Windows – Download and install Windows updates as they repair and improve the OS’ internal components. Besides, the updates improve performance by installing bug fixers and important files.

Update drivers – Device drivers should be updated regularly from the manufacturer’s website. Old or non-updated drivers cause programs/applications to malfunction.

Install new drivers – If some driver has gone faulty or damaged, remove it, and download and install latest, compatible drivers from the manufacturer’s website. Always download compatible drivers for whichever Windows version you use.

Hardware – If a hardware piece is malfunctioning or was taken out while the computer was still operational, it may cause the BSOD error. Update the software and driver for the particular hardware or repair the hardware. If still the hardware malfunctions then replace with a new one.
Software – If a software or application was not installed properly or was corrupted during installation then remove it and install it again properly. Always install latest, compatible software from the manufacturer’s or publisher’s website.

Place a cooling fan – Excessive heat inside or outside the computer to shut down abruptly and show the BSOD error. To overcome the problem, either place your computer in the area where there is enough cooling or put a cooling fan near to the computer so that the excessive heat can be absorbed of.

Run Registry cleaner tool – Download, if you don’t have a registry cleaner tool, save it to your desktop or preferred location. Run the tool to repair the damaged or corrupted registry entries. Also, if you uninstall a software/application from your computer, don’t forget to remove its registry entries.

Run anti-virus scan – If somehow your computer has caught virus/spyware infection that you are unaware of, run a full system scan from your anti-virus or anti-spyware program. The scan results will bring up malicious items if there are any. You can also download other virus removal tools such Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool and Windows Defender among others to double check and remove the infections that your antivirus/anti-spyware might have missed.

Low RAM – If your computer has low memory, it may result into the BSOD error as the computer programs would not be able to function properly. Every computer program requires specific space to install and run. If there is little space left in your computer and you downloaded an oversized program, it will not run and give error message. Insert additional RAM to your computer to get rid of the problem.

Additional Tidbits:

• You may get the BSOD error while optimizing the wireless connection settings.
• If it is just the blue screen, you can disable the ColorType Font to get rid of it in Windows Vista.
• You can also jot down the error details from the BSOD screen and check the knowledge base on Google, Bing etc. There is a specific solution for every specific error.
• If you are unable to fix the problem, don’t wrestle on your own; consult a certified tech expert to save time and money.

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