Six tips to start taking positive action.

Your thoughts are things. Do you realize that the things that you think about the most always seem to come to you? Isn’t that strange, and what’s more strange is that we always seem to remember the bad or negative things. Saying things like, I knew that was going to happen, and didn’t I say that was going to happen.

Just think about it for a moment.

If you think it, and your believe it, you will get it. Your thoughts become action and your action become things. Instead of only focusing on negative things or things that could go wrong why not make it work in your favor.

Tools needed

Notebook and a pen

Tip one
What are you thinking?

Take note of what you are thinking and then you will start to see pattern developing as to the way that you think. This may seem a simply and short tip but you will start to see over a period of time just where your thinking is going.

Tip two
Inspiring thoughts

Write down all your inspiring thoughts throughout the day, you can use your mobile if this will make it easier for you.

You will start to notice with this exercise, that you will get more and more inspiring thoughts and you will also start to see new opportunities coming your way.

That is the power of you thoughts. WOW!

You will also start to see when you focus on your inspiring thoughts that you will begin to get more and more inspiring thoughts. This can also be said about negative thoughts, so we do not want to go there do we.

Tip three
Time with yourself

Start spending time with yourself, quiet time with yourself and listen to the sound of silence. This is a wonderful peace in a busy, hectic microwave world where everything has got to be done now.

You could also just take a walk in the park and take a good look at your surroundings, your environment. It is amazing how much we miss in this busy world and how little time we spend with ourselves. This is very calming.

Tip four

The power of affirmations is wonderful for reaching your potential and purpose. What are affirmations?

Affirmations need to inspire you, motivate you, make you feel good about yourself and your world.

Affirmations need to be in the first person, present, tense. Eg “I AM”

Affirmations need to be about something.

Instead of I have a wonderful loving family

It should be …

I am member of a wonderful loving family

Tip five

When you get focused on what you want , them the magic will start to happen in your life and your will notice that you are happier.

When you focus on what you want you will then start you journey in getting it.

Remember that you think it, then you need to take action and then the results will come. So with focused efforts on what you want in your life then just imagine what results you will get in your life.

Set aside some time for yourself, to start taking action. No interruptions for about 30 minutes.

Just spending a focused 30 minutes a day on a goal will be like spending a whole day at work. But your will get more quality work completed.

Tip six
Change your thinking

If you begin to be aware of how you are thinking and start to focus more on the things that will bring you a positive results. You will then start to see your actions changing and your life changing for the better.

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Jennifer is a passionate Solutions Focused Life Coach and author that believe that the possibilities in life are unlimited and that we all have the power within us and the knowledge of this can only empower and motivate individuals.

Jennifer believes that if we change out thinking we can also change our lives. She states that she herself is work in progress and also looking to improve her techniques and strategies in order to pass this information onto others.

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