Announcing a new experience like none other that will get you connected to your body like never before! Whether it's a personal experience or heresy, whether it was a good experience or a bad one, it's time you defied any speculations you may have had about massage.

At Taylor Made Massage, a newly opened therapeutic massage clinic in the Camden Neighborhood, you will receive a massage that is tailored to your body type, shape, and size. In order to begin a healing process in your body, you must first be connected to what's going on with it. At Taylor Made, we believe in working full circle starting with the origin of a muscle, the insertion point, the muscle belly, and all connected properties. Because it's true that the hip bone is connected to the leg bone like that song says you learned in elementary school, you cannot treat one area and neglect the other, right? At Taylor Made the treatment you receive will be very thorough. The foundation of our treatment is based on Swedish Massage, but will also be integrated with other techniques such as Trigger Point Therapy, Neuromuscular techniques, Compressions, stretches, join movement and Deep Tissue treatment based upon your specific level of tolerance. We also provide Hot Stone massage, and Reiki Therapy.

Taylor Made Massage is a fresh bud in the neighborhood, but we have plans to grow and mature as a fine wine! In the near future we plan on expanding our services to include a seaweed gel body wrap and herbal eye treatment. Let's make it clear. This is no spa. This is a healing center, but it's also important to love the skin your in! In addition, it is our goal to develop a self healing class that will enable people to treat their own bodies on those days when you just got up on the wrong side of the bed and are unable to schedule in an immediate massage. This class will teach people to incorporate a series of stretches along with deep meditative breathing, self massage, and joint movement to help alleviate their aches and pains. It's sure to be a benefit to all who attend!

The owner and therapist at Taylor Made Massage, Patricia Arana, has been a resident of the North Side of Minneapolis since the age of 5. Since graduating from the MN School of Business she has gained a great amount of experience in her field. She has had the opportunity to work with professional sports athletes from the MN Timberwolves, and with athletes who practice martial arts. She also spent almost two years working strictly with accident rehab patients of a chiropractic clinic, and has the clear understanding that for most people in life, massage is NOT a luxury. It's a neccesity! Let's face it! You get tune-ups for your car and change the oil every 3000 miles, don't you? You only keep your car for an average of 5yrs. Does your BODY need a TUNE-UP???

Taylor Made Massage is located at 4167 Lyndale Ave. N. on the 2nd floor Suite 202. We accept patients by appointment only, but can generally schedule you within 24hrs or less. Same day appointments available. Call for an appointment today at 952-888-1926!!

Author's Bio: 

Massage therapist, Patricia Arana is a graduate of the MN School of business in Richfield, MN. She has been practicing massage for 5years now with a focus on rehabilitative therapy utilizing deep tissue, trigger point therapy, compressions, joint movement & stretches. She also does basic relaxation Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage & Reiki Therapy.