These days, making money with mobile phones has become a new fever in the Internet market, you might even have to read this article right now with your mobile phone. In this article, I want to talk more about mobile business realities, and eventually you are the one who judges whether the mobile business is the thing you've heard before in it.

Mobile business

Be sure to have a mobile phone in your handset, and you want to make money on it, on the Instagram phone or telegram, and you want to create a page or channel for making money, you know what I have less than the rest, one in the space of the Instagram There may be an oyster, one can be Master System, one can soon news, some of them also set up their own stores in social media traffic networking packages.

So far, everything is fine

But the reality behind a mobile business is far beyond what you see, social networking requires more than just a mobile phone to succeed, and even the type of mobile you're having in your success! What kind of mobile is affected? Do not worry, I’ll explain it further, but to get a better idea of the story, you need to know a few things.

Types of mobile business

First, let's look at the types of Instagram businesses that now have millions of dollars in revenue each month.

The first category is Influenzas, or, in other words, people who are active in a particular field working in virtual communities, such as Master Tester or Master Hunter in the food industry, and they are testing and analyzing restaurants and a variety of foods, of course Meanwhile, Master Hunter has done a great job in this debate, and I’ve been told to these people about Influencer, but I hear a place that says, for example, that it's a false blogger, and that we do not have Blogger virtual communities, buy blog traffic  and blogging for space. The web is and tells someone who owns a site or blog and blogging, and even this one Vertie bloggers in the field of beauty and cosmetics virtual communities Rainfly’s was said to operate.

The second category is the people who mistakenly nicknamed themselves and their work on making comic strips, Word Andersen comes from a mobile app called vine that closed several years ago and you could post a 6-second video to the app and people Like lee pons and King Bach, this program starts humorous work and tells these people about the use of this app, and in principle we do not have something called Weiner, and this word is completely wrong, these people are called Comedians

The third category is the people who run the bombshell pages, these pages go into a series of specific topics and so-called factual facts in the form of video that, incidentally, have certain followers and probably already with at least one advertisement You have faced these bombs, which make a clip and a lot of tempting things in half, and in the end say you follow the page to answer these questions.

The fourth category is artists, I do not mean television series, but cartoonists, those who say in the form of images of certain stories, such as the musicians or people who like to write in a format of animation, such as the pixels, long ago.

The fifth category is also the people who shop online on the social network and sell a range of products or services, which I have an Instagram store, which I just talked about at the Internet business stars meeting, and I'm not going to talk about it here in this. I got a page of real experiences that unfortunately many people who did not really learn how to buy mobile traffic such a mobile business really did.

The Facts of Mobile Business

An issue that people do not care about when thinking and even creating a mobile business is that you need to create quality content for viewing on social networks; otherwise, someone will not pay attention to you, for example, on Instagram all looking for a photo. Quality or video quality, that is, you need to produce good photos or great video.

Also, if you do not work for a short time, you can easily forget about social networks and you have to be very productive as you want to be around, as a godsend who says

Get out of my heart!

That is, you should always produce content and even write stories, and if you want to relax a little bit of work, the rest will take you, and if you pay attention to the Instagram and the pages that you follow, you will understand this completely.

But if you own a website and only fish you produce two articles, or a video and you will not be having such problems with the right tools with the users.


The social networking feature is that because people who spend time on social networks are more likely to entertain and laugh than they think about shopping, and may therefore follow hundreds of pages, and this would make them uninterrupted. Be forgotten.

This means that activity in virtual communities and mobile monetization requires enough activity and you have to allocate almost all of your day and there is no possibility of automating a lot of activities, and while some insist on doing automation, I'm going to prove that practically you cannot automate the most important activity on Instagram or any other popular social network.

What about the mobile business that will not tell you?

Let's look at an Instagram-based mobile business, suppose you have an Instagram store and want to sell your products.

The first thing that makes you engage in your business and cartoon daily is that people are constantly asking you questions in the directories and below posts, and it does not matter how many hours they are and expect you to respond as quickly as possible. If you respond too late, they will easily quit you but on the site it's basically not the case, and people send emails and because the Internet shopping experience is safer and more professional than social networking users, even when you have an online chat option There are controls or even automatic responses that will keep the customer still Stay loyal. Of course, the social networking feature is that people are looking for a quick response.

The second topic is marketing, assuming you already have 5,000 flash drives, and you're running a campaign to sell one item. To run this campaign, you must first create the right content and then plan it for publication and at the right time interval. , You will probably be able to influence your current flv, but you do not have any control over the new flavors, because Instagram does not have any automated marketing system like sites.

If you have a site using email marketing you can create someone who is logged in and make a member of your site and create for each person according to the input channel and the kind of interest of a professional and automatic marketing system and without Your involvement in sales, I have a trainee who lives in Belgium and learned exactly how to sell online in a single course, precisely by using an automated sales system to get excellent results that are virtually on the net Social Issues This is not possible and you cannot be based on favorites in any category of floury yourself introduce a special message or a specific product, and often it will make your favorites always shrink, and you will advertise to compensate for it.

The third issue is the production of quality content, whether the photo or video really needs to be of a quality, and if you really want to create all your content on a mobile phone, you have to pay a cost equal to or even more than buying a laptop to buy a phone. Properly, otherwise you will not be able to produce a quality image or video of high quality, and this is an undeniable fact, and if you already talk to one of the Instagram businesses, you will be told this because they have it. And I even experienced this, considering the Instagram store i've always experienced Of course, there are ways to produce high-quality content with a middle-class handset, with a mid-range handset that is not priced much lower and its price equals a second-hand leadup.

The fourth position is whether we can really create all our content with the phone, the answer is yes, but we have to accept the fact that we need a high-end phone with a great camera, and if we want to edit the video we've built with the mobile phone, We have to use mobile apps that work harder with these gadgets and will never come at the expense of computer tools. But it's not possible and it's possible.

Is the Instagram business capable of being automated?

If I want to tell Instagram this fact to you, Instagram automation is against the Instagram rules, and if Instagram sees the automation tools, it immediately penalizes you and your business will be in trouble and only the things that you can automate collecting Fallouts with Falun and Inflate or liking others or posting your posts.

Many people use the Instagram robots to do things that can be dangerous to your business and cartoons, and you do not say a lot of robots and software, which you do not know, as you know, i've already been programming and designing for me. The software is well-versed in the structure of these programs and everything that it wants to do in an automatic way in Instagram makes Instagram an unauthorized robot and even tested some of those so-called programs.

The work of these tools is that you give your own page information to these software and then in the settings section, depending on the market, the purpose for which you define it starts to fool or infiltrate or even liken others to see your other people. And even letting you go foolish, it even lets you leave comments to others who, if you use it, are severely exposed to Python's closure, it's enough that some of your messages are sometimes irrelevant. Report your spam bug as spam, and then you should say goodbye to business.

Now, the next possible alternative to this software is that you can, for example, create a Post Post Queue to Instagram, and post these posts automatically when you define them. But the point to note is that if you want to use a secure software, you must pay monthly or annual money, and you must accept that, if Instagram finds out, accept Instagram's punishment.

Now a mobile business or internet business with the site

If your business is home and you are at the beginning, using social networks such as Instagram can help you, even generate revenue, and this is doubtless, but you should not expect a high income without continuous activity and You should also always answer the people asking questions, even those who sometimes complain and use your posts in certain terms.

But if you are looking for a great business that requires less activity and even the possibility of automating a lot of things there, there is no doubt that having a website I recommend to you and having a website and creating a marketing system and Automating things like buying a store and hiring a few people to do things for you, but social networks are like having a renter in one of the markets, and if the owner of the booth answered you, the shop Empty and look for another store.

Iranians are heavily fashioned!

One of the things that you should be aware of is that the Iranian people are heavily fashioned and behave rapidly towards social networks.

For example, Facebook once was where all Iranians went there, but by the way they always moved to another social network, but if you look at many foreign users, you'll see that they are still active on Facebook, but the Iranians do this And will quickly replace the new virtual network.

So if one day a new social network will enter the market, you will see that you need to transfer your business to this new virtual network and be sure that this shift has its own concerns and you cannot get all your followers to Transmit a new social network, but there are a lot of ways to work with social networks, and you will not be having trouble working with new tools, but new laws and you need to know them.

On your website there is no such problem and you're not going to go anywhere, and customers always know your name and they will always be in touch with you through targeted email marketing, and it's undeniable that social networks They have nothing to say.

This is a very important topic ...

Unfortunately, I see people who claim to have a mobile business education or Instagram business, but when it comes to analyzing my claimers with their own analysis tools, I find that they have a very low engagement rate, the rate of enthusiasm That is, the amount of interaction of users with the relevant page that includes commenting, tagging, or even staging of relevant page posts, and even in some cases, these professors have not yet managed an actual Instagram store, I run an Instagram store I still prefer to have a while I will not talk about these experiences and I’ll share all these experiences with you at a specific time. Given these facts, why are these people trying to teach others what they cannot do or do!

Last word

Social networks can undoubtedly be a good place to start your business, or even be known as many people who do not have the right platform to be seen. But virtual networks, although they are manageable by a smartphone, are not challenging, buy cheap website traffic and they are not somewhat said, and the challenges of these businesses are often more than business-based websites. But the main advantage that you can go to mobile businesses is that if you want to start, you can start your business today. But the most important business advantage based on the automation website is real money for you.

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