If you have just had a baby and you are having problems with fussiness, not latching well, crying that you can’t console you might have a colicky baby. Here is a look at what colic looks like and some options for colic treatments, Monmouth County and elsewhere.

Signs to watch for that may indicate colic

Here are some of the more common signs that your baby may have colic.

  1. Crying comes suddenly and is an intense cry that is not like their usual one. It appears to be for no reason, you cannot comfort them, they are not hungry.
  2. Crying might last a few minutes or even for several hours. They tend to happen the same times each day and their faces become very red. A colicky baby does tend to cry in the afternoon and evening hours.
  3. When they cry their posture is not normal. They clench their fists, they tense their stomach muscles and they might even arch their back some.
  4. Their feeding times stay irregular.
  5. While they cry they may occasionally pass wind.
  6. Their sleeping is not great. They tend to sleep for a little but then wake up and cry, then stop, sleep, wake up and repeat it. Getting any sleep is difficult for parents. That can change when you see a pediatric chiropractor, Ocean County.

How is colic diagnosed?

You need to take your baby first to their doctor to establish that colic is the problem. The doctor can make sure nothing else is going on like an intestinal obstruction for example. When they find the baby is healthy otherwise they are likely going to say it is colic. Then you can talk to them about options for treatment and management.

How is colic treated?

There are medications that are used to treat severe colic, but sometimes the doctor might just talk about how a parent can massage and maneuver their legs and stomach to try and ease their discomfort. If you feel like you want to try alternative options for colic treatments Monmouth County, you can look at seeing a pediatric chiropractor. An experienced one can offer great care and help babies find relief and parents sleep and feel like they are good parents once more!

Natural alternative treatment for colic

If you are anxious about your baby taking medications or just want to try a natural alternative first, a pediatric chiropractor Ocean County could be a great choice. What is special about this treatment is that it uses very gentle and very safe manipulations along the spine to correct misalignment. When this happens it is understood by Chiropractors that through the spine the nervous system is negatively affected so your baby’s digestive system could stop working properly. The other great thing about chiropractic treatments is you can use them alongside medical treatment if you want, there is no risk if you use both options to help your baby. Cases vary on how quickly a bay responds, but in general, most parents notice a decrease in symptoms at the least. Some have complete success with it.


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