It’s a question that comes up often, and a relatively debatable one. According studies conducted by the National Cancer Institute there are very little evidence that cell phones can increase the changes of cancer. There’s a lot of research, even facts sheets around this topic and a clear explanation of what the risks are. On the surface, it makes sense to ask this question, given cell phones do produce electromagnetic radiation.

Unpacking this in a scientific way means measuring how much radiation is coming in contact with your body because of the phone. The biggest concern is that when you use a cellphone, you’re holding the phone up to your head, near your brain. If you’re worried about that, one of the easiest things you can do to help is get a cell phone signal booster.

Here’s why:

Radiation absorption & distance
When you use a cell phone, your body absorbs much more radiation from the cell phone than from the tower. This is because the cell phone is much closer to your body than the tower is. The cell phone has to transmit a signal powerful enough that a nearby tower can “hear” it.

The signal strength from your phone is about a billion times weaker than the signal strength from the tower, simply because you’re so much closer to the cell tower.

The difference when you use a signal booster
When you use a booster, instead of your phone transmitting all the way to the tower, it only needs to transmit to the booster, and the booster does the rest. So instead of a strong signal coming out from your cell phone, it’s broadcast by the signal booster’s antenna from your roof.

This can dramatically decrease the amount of electromagnetic radiation absorbed by your body. By using a booster, your body will see as much as 1000x less radiated energy. Plus, it’s much more user friendly than a tin-foil hat.

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