Does My Ex Really Love His New Girlfriend: My Ex Got A New Girlfriend Right Away

Are you in a rebound relationship? Often when a couple seriously in love split up, the pain of losing each other sends them sky rocketing into a rebound relationship. It is like a love life raft. Rather than grieve for there ex partner and the love they shared they jump into a new relationship to avoid facing their loss.

If your boyfriend is seeing somebody else try not to panic about it. It can actually work in your favour as your relationship was a loving one and that always counts. The person they are dating maybe the complete opposite to you in looks and personality as rebounding with someone who is like you would be a painful reminder of what they have lost.

Do not try to steal your ex away from this new relationship as it could backfire on you. They will be still hurting from the break up and will not appreciate you hassling them. In time your ex will see what it is you both had. If it was the real thing you will find your way back to each other.

Something was not working in your relationship so if you can see what it is your boyfriend likes about this new girl you can use that to your advantage. Let the rebound relationship run its course, as it will not be long before your boyfriend realizes you and him are meant for each other. Do not grovel to your ex, as this could be a real turn off.

When your boyfriend comes looking for you make him feel really wanted. If the break up was your fault apologize. If he was to blame let it go, as the love you have for each other will carry you through.

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Love can be the sweetest thing every happen to you, and yet it is like a double edge sword, counter you back deeply especially when it ends.

Finding love in our lives does not happen all the times, therefore, hang on to the relationship is what we do. When you could not maintain the relationship, it is the time for both of you go your own way.

But it doesn't mean that you do not have feeling toward him anymore, especially when your ex boyfriend already move on, with a new girlfriend, it will really gets to you and you will think that he is already gone. But that is not the case, you do not realize that you may get what it takes to reverse all thing.

Telling your ex boyfriend had choose the wrong girlfriend, is the last thing you will do on earth, if you want to get your ex boyfriend back. At many times girl will just go crazy if they know the guy that they love is now together with someone. By attempting telling how awful her taste of fashion or bad things about her, the chance of you to get him back is greatly reduced.

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Do complement her, for as any small little thing like her bracelet or hair band if it happens that you meet them on the street. Tell them you are going somewhere, but not doing in abruptly, this tactic is a must if you want your ex boyfriend back to your arm again.

Wondering why you need to do that? The mind set of guy is that they think when you saw him with new girlfriend; you will fall apart to cry, or be jealous. He will never thought of you can take it so easily and calm, and he will get confuse with the situation. Therefore, show your respect to his new girlfriend.

Sometimes you will still be keeping contact with you ex, just like friend. This could mean, he will share the detail of his new relationship. Asking you for opinion on where to date, talk to her softly on the phone, what movie should they watch and all other things you and him used to do.

Well, it is obviously that he is testing you, do not react negatively when he does so. Put a great smile on face, and tell him what movie you heard is nice and plan to go to cinema by your own, what restaurant you saw in magazine which look nice to dine in. Begging him to come back to you is going to ruin everything, so, stick with the plan.

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You can't eat, sleep, and you are miserable. Your emotions are out of control and he consumes your every thought. You play the last few weeks over and over in your head. He loved you, so how can he just walk? You can't seem to find an answer and all you can do is just guess and drive yourself crazy. Sound familiar? Its normal to feel desperation when the one you gave your heart to just walked. Breath and calm down because it is possible to get him back forever.

There are many dynamics in a male/female relationship and you may be wondering what did I do to deserve this? Its rarely something you said or did. It goes deeper than that. Many times when a man is really feeling it for you, this is when he runs. He fears you may be too much work, you may be to clingy or needy, or the relationship may have become dull and routine.

The first thing you have to do is stop all contact. Do not contact him for any reason. I know that this is so hard to do, because your emotions are out the roof. You want to ask questions, you want to understand. This is actually counterproductive and just pushes him further away. The no contact rule works in 3 ways to your advantage.

* It prevents you from acting needy and insecure around your ex. It also prevents you from expressing anger that you may be feeling. Neediness, insecurity and anger are not emotions you want him to see, these things drive him further away.

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* It instills a fear of loss in him. It pushes him away and makes him wonder why. He may even start to wonder if you have moved on to someone else. Humans only realize something's value when its gone, in most all cases. You want him to see you as valuable again like when you first met.

* It gives you time to get your emotions under control for when he does contact you. It gives you time to soak up all the information you can about why men leave and help you to understand the breakup and exactly what goes on in a man's mind after a break up. It also helps you get you plan together of how to get him back forever and because he wants to come back.

Now to address your biggest fear. The biggest fear we have when we lose our man is the thought of him with another woman. It makes you sick inside. Statistic wise, it is a fact that men will move on to another woman rather quickly and we are left behind thinking how could he do that. Its a male ego thing, they rebound much quicker than we do. It boosts their self confidence and helps them feel more like a man. You have to stop thinking these thoughts and do something to avoid this at all cost if that man that you lost is a keeper. Those thoughts are destructive in getting him back.

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When I tell you that the best strategy to get your ex back is to do nothing, leave them alone, and move on, you are probably thinking I'm a few marbles short, if you know what I mean. But oftentimes, we overlook simple advice that truly works better than any complicated mind game you could try to play with our ex.

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I realized that I was wasting my time wallowing in a pit of misery and I decided that I had to accept that my ex and I had split. Why waste my time trying to bother them if they've made their feelings clear. All my attempts at communication were either ignored, or ended in another fight, and I had just had enough, so I stopped trying.

I began to focus on myself and moving past the negative emotions of the breakup. I needed to get my life back on track as I had let myself go and I was well and truly miserable. I was surprised that in just a few short days, I started to feel better, and a lot more like myself. I went out with friends and tried to have as good of a time as I could possible have.

A few weeks later, I bumped into my ex while I was out. It was a bit stilted at first, but soon the conversation flowed as easily as it always had. We both owned up to the fact that the argument was stupid and it had been a waste of time to get as upset as we had. As I'm sure you starting to guess, we got back together quite quickly after that. In a nutshell, if you want to get your ex back, give him or her some time. The next thing you know, they'll be missing you like crazy and be back in your life in no time.

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