I believe everyone has heard of orchitis, but there is little specific understanding of it. The testis is an important place for men to produce sperm, if orchitis occurs, it will affect sperm growth. In severe cases, it will affect male fertility. 

So will men itch if they have orchitis?

Bacteria, viruses, or tuberculosis generally cause orchitis. During the development of inflammation, there may be some symptoms of testicular redness, swelling, heat, and pain. Therefore, there may be testicular discomfort during the progress of the disease. For example, the testicle may be severely red and swollen, and the patient may have some fever or discomfort symptoms.

Therefore, in this case, patients may have various signs of scrotum or testis, pain, itching, or other discomfort symptoms.

For men with orchitis, patients should pay attention to it. Patients will feel itching. So are there any other symptoms of orchitis? Let's introduce it to you.

Mumps orchitis. After the mumps virus invades the male testis, male patients will have testicular swelling and pain. In addition, male patients often have parotid swelling and pain.

Systemic symptoms. After men suffer from orchitis, male patients often show high fever and chills due to the influence of the disease. At the same time, male patients will also be accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

Testicular abnormalities. Patients with orchitis will cause pain, swelling, and discomfort in the affected testicles of men during their illness. Some male friends will have severe pain and radiate to the groin.

These orchitis symptoms will seriously affect men's lives, and active treatment is recommended. The treatment of orchitis should first be diagnosed by scrotal ultrasound. Diagnosis of orchitis, the first is to stay in bed and rest, with clothes or gauze to raise the scrotum, to reduce the discomfort symptoms such as falling, swelling, and pain caused by scrotal weight sagging.

Local can be hot compress, scrotal swelling is noticeable, and 50% magnesium sulfate solution can be wet compress so that the inflammation subsides. Systemic symptoms require broad-spectrum Gram-negative bacteria sensitive antibiotics, such as cephalosporins and penicillins. Generally, the course of treatment is two weeks.

For chronic orchitis, the curative effect of herbal medicine is usually apparent, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It impacts diuresis, detumescence, and inflammation and has a perfect therapeutic effect on orchitis. It can eliminate the symptoms and cure the condition of its root causes. As long as men stick to the treatment, they will feel the symptoms gradually improve until they disappear. Also, it has a good effect on prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, epididymitis, and other diseases affecting the male reproductive system.

So in life, how do men prevent orchitis?

When orchitis is in the acute stage of fever, energy consumption is relatively large, so we should supplement calories, especially sugar, protein, vitamins, and high fever foods. A cold compress or cold water hip bath can alleviate inflammatory edema and exudation in the early stage of inflammation. In the middle and late stages, a hot compress or hot water hip bath can be used to promote the dissipation of inflammation.

Pay attention to sex. To avoid men suffering from orchitis, experts remind males to pay attention to hygiene and avoid unclean sex life in their daily sex life. And they should try to avoid suffering from some sexually transmitted diseases, which leads to male orchitis.

Pay attention to the maintenance of testicles. Testicular nursing is an important measure to solve male sexual dysfunction. Men can massage their testicles with both hands before taking a bath or going to bed, gently pinch their testicles with their thumb, and massage them for ten minutes clockwise and counterclockwise. Long-term persistence is good.

Improve self immunity. To avoid male orchitis, males should improve their immune ability to prevent some diseases caused by low resistant ability and virus infection. For example, when a man suffers from mumps, the mumps virus causes male orchitis.

Pay attention to diet. Be careful not to eat spicy and irritating food, do not smoke or drink, do not stand and sit for a long time, do not have an excessive sex life, and do not masturbate frequently. Men should eat more fresh vegetables with fruits and melons, increase the intake of vitamin C and other components, and enhance the anti-inflammatory ability of the body.

The doctor has made it clear that men have orchitis. I believe you will know more about orchitis symptoms after reading it. I hope men should have good behavior in life to avoid orchitis. Attention to personal hygiene, regular exercise, and an appropriate diet can prevent orchitis.

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