Or maybe you are just interested in finding "your dream"?

Trouble is, you can't really hope to find your dream, until you have found "yourself"... To be more specific, what do YOU really want, and aside from health and happiness, what exactly is the "dream" that you want?

One of the most common responses to that question is the obvious one; Money... Because you already know your dream is to have more happiness, because money will make you happy, and may even help your health, so all your problems will be solved... You might think so, but...

Unfortunately, (still using "money" as an example) that won't necessarily solve your problems, just present you with new ones, such as the large tax bill, bigger mortgage, possibly even family arguments, etc.

My point is, it's not the money that makes you happy, it's what it allows you to do that makes you happy! So perhaps concentrating on "what" makes you happy rather than "what with" will help you discover the dream you need to find.

So, if we assume that "money" itself doesn't provide the solution... What does?

I saw a TV advert the other day, showing 3 "old" fellas sneaking (breaking?) into a famous soccer ground, in the middle of the night, to achieve their "dream" of kicking a ball around on the "hallowed turf". Now, I'm not suggesting it as an example to follow, or even a dream you wish to pursue, but just to illustrate that you can have many unfulfilled dreams and aspirations that may not be that hard to crack...

But first you need to find them!

So, your first step on your way to the achievement of your dreams, is to find out exactly what you want, and why you want it.

Your own self development is often stifled by modern living and strange as it may seem, over the years you tend to "forget" what it is you enjoy doing... e.g when was the last time you took a quiet stroll in the country, painted a picture, or played a game of tennis? Whatever you're into, try to make time for it, or maybe take up something new and expand your horizons, learn a new skill... It will all help you in your own self discovery.

Only then you can take your development a step further, and more successfully, because you will actually know what it is you want to achieve, and have more of an idea on how to achieve it!

Remember this famous quotation? "Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help with man with the wrong mental attitude..."

We hope you will find plenty of inspirational material on our self help website http://www.needtofind.org , along with relevant guides and helpful information to enable you to make more of your life... Oh, and if you really do feel that more money is what you "need to find", we give you some info on that too!

Enjoy your journey to You...

Author's Bio: 

Kay Patterson is semi-retired, and now living with her partner Dan in Spain enjoying the sun. She also passionately believes in helping people to realize their sometimes hidden potential, and achieving a better life for themselves.

Check out her website and blogs at http://www.needtofind.org