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There is a movement inside of you. It might be sleeping, but it is present. We are each born with a movement to make a difference and have an impact and the way we share that becomes our medium. For some they will teach, others coach, some support, or volunteer. I think the greatest tragedy in life is not sharing your movement or your unique ability with others and the world.

From that movement is your deep seated WHY or what I call so that... Why did I want to make a million? It's just a number. Why do you want 20 clients? It's just a number. But when you understand your why, your so that, your legacy it no longer becomes a number ... it becomes a mission. And when you are on a mission money is easy. I know that might tick some of you off, but it is. It flows. It shows up. Opportunities expand and grow without your hard work.

So, you must get clear.

* WHY are you in business?

* WHAT do you want to change?

* WHAT legacy will your business leave behind? and...


In the words of P Diddy, "Don't chase the paper. Chase the dream". I have a dream for women and men to have no shame about money. The are empowered by making money because they know they are the global thought leaders in the world that will use that money to create change and positive growth. I want the right people making millions because I know they will make a difference. I know my legacy is to give people the hope of being financially free through their business and the specific formula to get there. I know my legacy is to help make millionaires that have legacies that will share that wealth to live their own abundant lives and share that with others.

* When you know your WHY - you can ask anyone to work with you. No fear.

* When you understand your legacy - you are driven to make money. No fear.

* When you are clear about what you want to change none of this feels like work. No fear.

If you have been struggling with your business or making money (even a little) knowing and owning your legacy will set you free. You will know your why, understand your legacy, and be clear about what you want to change.

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