In this article I’m going to reveal a few skills that are crucial to your success in Internet marketing, as well as what to avoid if you want to succeed in the world of Internet marketing (IM). Most Internet marketers have no idea why they fail. Many mistakenly believe that they were just one of the unfortunate ones. In the majority cases, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Most Internet marketers fail to make money online because they jump into every opportunity and essentially end up “riding the wrong horse.” Being aware of this gives you the opportunity to make choices that will help you avoid the aforementioned.

Why Many Online Marketers Fail
Jumping into every opportunity (product and program launch)
There will always be so-called gurus looking to financially capitalize off of the dreams and hopes of new online marketers. They will do their best to sell you and others the latest and greatest work at home opportunity. Don’t fall for it. Find one proven, well-researched program, and work it until it is profitable. This will be one of the best pieces of Internet marketing advice that you ever hear. There are no secrets. It’s all about having a plan and then working that plan, even if you only want to make extra income at home.

“Riding on a wrong horse”
One of the fastest ways to fail online is to choose the wrong system business or choosing a niche that is out of your league. Going into an industry that is super competitive, is a mistake that “newbies” commonly make.
Perhaps the best way to avoid jumping into too many opportunities is to avoid your exposure to them, when at all possible. Don’t sign up to every “Tom, Dick or Harry’s” list just because they offer you some sort of freebie, for instance a make money online guide or tips on how to make extra income at home. Be stingy with your email address. The truth is you won’t get much value from being on most Internet marketer’s list. The majority of them will only send out solicitations for various get-rich schemes and easy home based business guides.
If you are finding it difficult to stay on track and not purchase every IM system or product thrown your way, try the following. When you come across an enticing product, hide your credit card overnight. If you still want the product after waking up and cooling down, go for it but not a minute before!

How to play the right card?
Successfully staying away from Internet marketing schemes that are likely to go nowhere involves at least in part, knowing which types of programs or systems to avoid altogether. MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) schemes are almost always a waste of time. Typically, only those at the top of the pyramid make any real money. When selecting a system do your research, check out other people’s opinions, including those of experts and respected members at popular Internet marketing forums, e. g. Warrior Forum and Million Dollar Network. Doing these things will help you pick the “right horse,” i.e., a winning product, and set up an easy home based business.
Once you have selected a winning product, figure out the best free ways to market it (social media, article and video marketing, blog commenting etc.). Work with other Internet Marketers when you have the opportunity and perhaps, most important of all, stay focused. Thus, you can build an easy home based business and make money online.
Stay tuned in for part 4. In the next piece I will tackle finding the best and trustworthy IM coaches.

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