If life has you feeling overwhelmed and out of control, a few effective time management skills and strategies could help you bring some organization to your chaos so you can spend more hours doing what you really enjoy.

One of the best ways to control your life is to learn how to effectively control the minutes, days, weeks and years available to you. So, what type of time manager are you? Are you organized, or are you a procrastinator? Do you plan your available hours, or do you simply let life unfold? Do you prioritize, or are you constantly overwhelmed by a long 'to do' list that never seems to end?

The truth is, everyone is given the same number of hours in a day, but it is how you handle them that will determine how you live your life and how much space and energy you have for those people and things that matter the most.

By following a few basic tips, you can learn to be an effective time manager and regain control of your life.

  1. Ask for advice. Find someone who has good time management skills and accomplishes all that they set out to do. Identify those people who seem to get everything done with good results and yet still have plenty of hours left for what they really want and enjoy. One of the best ways to effectively control and manage your life is to learn from those who are successfully doing what you want to do and reaching the goals you hope to achieve. The people around you can be some of your greatest resources, so find out what they do, incorporate their suggestions, and learn from their experiences and advice.
  2. Recognize and evaluate your time management strategies. What methods are you using to get things done and are you achieving your desired results? If you always seem to have too much to do, is it really a lack of available hours, or actually an inability to prioritize and then stick to those priorities? Are you controlling your time or is it controlling you?
  3. Learn to prioritize. Since everyone is given 24 hours in a day, the issue is not really time, but the ability to properly prioritize. Most people procrastinate because their 'to do' list does not line up with, or reflect their values, and they feel like they are being robbed of those things that they truly love. If you prioritize your life around what matters most to you then you will structure your schedule so that you can spend more of your available waking hours working toward your goals and doing what you really enjoy.

An important step in effective time management is to know your priorities … those things that are based on your values and desires … and to write them down in a journal or on a chart so you can make sure that they take a place of precedence on your list of things to do.

It is very easy to get too busy and find that you do not have enough moments to work toward your dreams or enjoy those things that you value the most. You do not want life to pass you by and then one day look back and wish that you had more wisely spent the hours you were given. Following a few simple steps and developing some effective time management skills will help you make the most of your life so you can do what you want and really enjoy living!

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Daniel Pickens is the creator of SelfImprovedMe.com A site dedicated to self improvement results in 90 days for beginners. For more detailed steps on effective time management