Do the tarot cards help people by Rosemary Price psychic.
Of course my point of view will be to say yes because I have been doing clairvoyant, tarot and psychic readings - amongst others - for more than forty years. In that time I have helped hundreds if not thousands of people who asked me to help them with tarot readings, usually for relationship issues.

I tend to work by concentrating on a situation or question. Then I lay out the cards and see what there is, what was, what will be, what could and should be and how to get to that point. This may mean giving advice to the client on what to do - or not do - to get the outcome they want.
It is then up to them if they listen or ignore what I tell them. The advice might be very easy - it might be something as simple as telling her to stop nagging him to move in with her but she might still ignore it or find it too hard to do so things go differently to what she would prefer.

By using the tarot as a tool to help you move forward in a way that makes you happier you work as a partnership. You work hand in hand to get the life you want and prefer to the life you have now.

There are times they have helped me too. But mostly they have been used to help others, people I would not have met otherwise if they had not wanted such help. Many of them living abroad, a long way from me, some happy to travel all the way to me if I let them (I never do, it is all done by email and phone).

Always make sure that any reader you go to is well established, reputable, proven, caring, easy to talk to and reliable. If they are terrific in every other way but insist they cannot help you for at least six months
or something silly like that then go elsewhere. Nine times out of ten when they say this it is not because they are busy with tarot readings, it is because they only want to do readings now and then when short of money or bored, maybe just before Christmas for example.
Mature ladies tend to put off doing readings when they can, when it is nice weather or the family want to visit, and then go back to it later.

Do the tarot cards help people by Rosemary Price

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Rosemary Price
More than 40 years of helping people with accurate psychic readings.