Every sexually active man wants to give his partner an unforgettable experience in the bedroom. Not only does it keep her attention on you, but it also boosts your confidence, which only improves your sex appeal at the end of the day. Understanding your partner and what makes her tick is definitely a good place to start; every woman has her arousal points. However, it is also true that a nice “package” will make your work so much easier.

Why Penis Enlargement?

One word: Confidence. If your partner has been with other people in the past, it is natural to wonder whether you are giving her all she needs. Any man would be anxious about his bedroom performance, especially the first time being with a particular woman. However, it is also true that when your penis size is above average, even slightly, your anxiety is reduced. Some women can become more aroused when presented with a penis above average in size. Having an average-sized penis is fine, what's far more important is functionality!

Indeed, the functionality should be the takeaway message to all men reading this article. Enlargement is purely aimed at men who aren't happy with their current size and would like a viable and alternative solution to surgery.

Proven Methods

Penis enlargement, which was once only a dream, is now a reality for those willing to follow methods developed by doctors and proven by clinical trials. In fact, with the kind of medical studies that have gone into this area, you do not have to worry about putting your health or penis at risk. However, it is important to select the right methods; an easy way to do this is to go for methods that are medically endorsed and tested. The various methods available today include pills, patches, extenders and various other devices. However, one area that has drawn a lot of attention and controversy is that of penis exercises. Performing these exercises promises to increase your penile length and girth naturally. However, as with any type of exercise, injuries may arise if care and common sense are not observed.

Penis Exercise Scams

One of the reasons why penis exercises are considered to be scams is because many of them put the health of your penis at risk while others actually expose your manhood to injuries. It is important to be extremely careful before taking up any exercise techniques. Common sense dictates that exercises that cause you pain or discomfort should not be taken up; you only have one penis, so safety is critical. For instance, weight hanging, a method that involves using your penis to carry weights, has been associated with serious and even permanent injuries and deformations and should not even be considered.

How do Penis Exercises Work?

While it is important to know that penis stretching scams do exist, there are also medically endorsed programs that are proven to be effective in enlarging the penis and producing permanent results. In most cases, penis exercises are included in medically endorsed programs that include a combination of enlargement methods that are proven to work. Safe exercises such as the jelqing technique can enhance your vascularity and overall size when performed correctly. Providing sufficient time has been devoted to performing your exercises for your penis, then you should soon experience an increase in both the length and girth, as well as improved sexual response and performance – all your partner dreams of. In a nutshell - these methods gradually lengthen the suspensory ligaments and enlarge the corpora cavernosa.

The Surgery Free Solution:

For those men who may be curious about natural enlargement methods, a beginner routine with light exercises is a great way to get started. These exercises also serve as a natural alternative to expensive, risky and intrusive surgery. It's an easy, affordable way to gain inches and improve your confidence and manhood. However, Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will your penis. Do penis stretches work? Absolutely and emphatically yes, exercises do work well, as many forums will attest, but they do take time, effort and commitment to see good results. No quick fixes for lazy men here. The mantra - "if you want it you gotta work for it", most definitely applies here gentlemen.

When it comes to enlargement, exercises have been proven to be fast and effective in adding size safely. However, only the right techniques will give you what you want; exercises must be targeted and precise in order to be effective. If you're interested in gaining more girth, whether through clamping, jelqing etc, then focus your time there, rather than a haphazard approach of doing a little of everything and diluting your progress.

Some of the benefits of exercise you can expect to include:

1. An increase of up to 3 inches in both penis length and girth
2. Gives you rock hard erections that you can enjoy at will
3. Improves your ejaculation control, allowing you to climax when appropriate
4. Gives you the confidence you need to approach any woman of your choice

This approach is ideal for those who wish to increase their penis size naturally without denting their bank accounts. With the right information, you can begin gaining inches on your shaft and experiencing improvements in your sexual performance.

One of the main benefits of using exercises is its flexibility; you get to choose your own pace. For instance, you can increase your intensity for faster gains and begin to experience your confidence boost much quicker. On the other hand, if you have a busy lifestyle, you will still be able to achieve the penis size you want without disrupting your daily activities.

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