Since the inception of free enterprise, basic capitalism and the idea of brands, marketing has been at the heart of things. Obviously, in the early days, people were limited by the very finite technology available to them, with only periodicals, word-of-mouth and guerrilla marketing tactics like billboards and signage being available.

As things like radio, television and eventually the Internet came along, more venues became available through which to advertise, and it became a subsidizing drive to make the entertainment content theoretically more affordable to the public.

Unfortunately, such advertising methods, while effective, serve only to antagonize most of the population. Some furtherance is of this, such as relentless pop-ups on the Internet, telemarketing, junk mail and spam do walk a very fine line when it comes to ethics, and some of these are soon to be quite illegal.

At the end of the day, though, there were really no alternative ways to successfully market and be heard until the last couple decades. This recent pandemic, which has forced even older generations to very much embrace the Internet to stay sane and connected during quarantine, has hastened the inevitable demise of many of the channels through a traditional advertising was handled.

Newspapers, broadcast television and other periodicals will almost certainly be extinct by the end of this decade, with the Internet in general and streaming services replacing them. Well, you can’t really advertise on streams, because people will block those ads aggressively, the absence of commercial interruptions being a big driving force behind the adoption of this concept. Ad blockers will stop pop-ups and web banners rather strictly as well.

This leaves you with really to essential channels to go through, those being SEO and social media marketing. They handle the two basic aspects of notifying customers, being discovered by customers and converting leads into customers.

SEO is the methodology through which you are discovered by leads who are looking for your product or service. There is no need to loudly broadcast yourself to the entire population, only be visible to those that are looking for you. Social media marketing is your way of notifying existing, interested customers and leads of new deals, products and to maintain interest after you have been discovered. This is why social media marketing in Toms River is so valuable. This applies to social media marketing in Wall as well.

By intelligently using social media marketing in Toms River, and social media marketing in Wall, and pairing this with SEO for discovery, you are reaching, and engaging the people who are potential customers in the first place. You will also not alienate anyone else who is not currently interested by getting in their face and screaming, which is basically what most all forms of advertising did.

While it may be easy to think that it doesn’t matter that you annoy the uninterested parties out there, but they may one day be interested, and if your advertising and marketing strategies have previously annoyed them, you would be amazed by how many people will actually go out of their way to not patronize your business over something that patty, even paying more to a competing service whose advertising never annoyed them.

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This article is penned by Lora Davis for SocialTrend Marketing Solutions who are providers of Link Building USA, Web Design and Social Media Marketing services to clients all over New Jersey.