Your wedding is a very important event in life and is possible you want to ensure that you have an almost perfect day; this is the reason you start planning well in advance and pay service providers to make it happen. When planning for the reception, some people fail to anticipate some problems especially in relation with private event DJs in AZ. Even though most DJs in Phoenix AZ will do a good job and host an excellent dance party, you want to play a role in the planning process so you can avoid some of the most common wedding reception pitfalls.

Your first dance: It happens all too commonly that the Phoenix DJ will start the music for your first dance without making an announcement. If the hall is jam packed with people it doesn’t matter how hard the bride and groom will try to do the entrance routine they may have spent days to practice. Worst of all the photographers may not be ready and they could easily miss that special moment. Ensure you find out during your interview with prospective DJs in Phoenix, AZ how they plan to introduce your first dance and come to an agreement; if possible practice with them until you are satisfied.

Out of control music: By all means, you have paid the Phoenix DJ service to ensure that you get entertained; you want to avoid a situation where your wedding reception gets to sound like a disco or a nightclub. It is common practice for guests to walk to private event DJs in AZ to make special requests and since DJs love to please they are likely to oblige. The problem with this is that it soon spirals out of control and completely spoils the theme and mood of your wedding. The best way to deal with this problem is to agree with your Phoenix DJ in advance that they shall not take any requests.

Music stopping suddenly: This normally happens if private even DJs in AZ experience power issues so that their equipment keeps shutting down; there is nothing that is so annoying than the music suddenly stopping when you are having fun dancing. This problem can recur several times during the event and become embarrassing; the main cause is normally caused by power limitations at the reception venue or poor quality surge protectors that cause to the breaker to trip unnecessarily. Great care should be taken when you are making bookings for the wedding location and reception halls; you want to make sure that the venue you settle for has power outlets that are well suited for Phoenix DJ service. You should also ensure that the chosen DJs in Phoenix AZ are armed with an interference filter.

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