When I talk about diversity training with leaders they sometimes look at me like I'm talking about seeing a ghost. For many leaders and organizations diversity is a bit like seeing an apparition, it kind of creeps them out and they're not sure it's real.

I tend to look at diversity training as a tool leaders can use to build stronger workplaces. Here's a few tips to get you started on using diversity to

1. Think of diversity as a tool to learn more about each of your employees and how you can use their skills.

2. Diversity is a great way to help people come together instead of always being in conflict.

3. Diversity simply means that you get it that not everyone is the same in your workplace.

4. Think of diversity as an opportunity to discover new ideas, approaches and perspective.

5. Diversity doesn't take away your power, it allows others to gain power to make the entire organization more powerful.

6. Recognizing diversity is as revolutionary as recognizing that no two people are exactly alike.

7. Diversity allows you to build a workplace where people use their own talents and abilities.

8. Acknowledging diversity is like someone else acknowledging that you're a person.

9. Think of the ways diversity can help you add new ideas and brain power to your organization.

10. Welcoming diversity has a tendency to make people feel better about themselves than always fighting it.

Take some time to think about these ideas and develop a diversity training strategy that will help you create a successful strategy.

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Guy Farmer provides unconventional team building, effective communication, leadership and diversity training for enlightened leaders who value self-awareness and practicing positive behaviors. Visit him online at http://www.theselfawarenessguy.com/.