To correctly restore Human Energy Field disturbances; it is important to understand when and why this interference started. This information allows for a Systematic Approach developed by the Metaphysical Institute to restore these disturbed Human Energy fields. This process is done in a quick and most effective way, to give lasting results.

Obviously to become a trained Healer you will need to learn more and understand how to determine if a field is disturbed the best method is by using a simple Kinesiology technique. This article will only be dealing with, when and why of Human Energy Field disturbances.

If you do not feel well, your energy fields are disturbed. Once you have a basic understanding of the mechanisms of these disturbances you are given simple, practical ways, you can restore your own Human Energy Fields.

Aura or External Energy Source Field Disturbances

The first is Collective Negative Energy this is basically caused by a large number of people experiencing the same emotion from a single incident. A Tsunami causes massive fear and if it affects a large population. The collective fear creates a Negative Energy Field that spreads around the World and disturbs approximately 80% of people, generally disturbing their Aura which affects the Crown Chakra, very often many of your Chakras as well.

The second is what we call Spirit Disturbance; you may ask what this is? It is explained; when a person dies generally their soul leaves the body and goes back to The Spirit World, where they enjoy this magnificent place, reunite with their Soul Friends and evaluate their evolutionary progress. See Secrets of Life

However a small number of Souls mistakenly believe they have serious issues and so feel they are not yet ready to return home so they choose to stay in The Earth Realm. These energy beings mainly; Spirits and Ghosts are drifting; looking for help and release. They have emotional, Energy Field Disturbances, which once released or healed, will allow them to return home to The Spirit World.

While still on Earth they will on occasions occupy another person's Aura. This has the effect of disturbing the living persons Aura and often their Chakras. If no help comes to the Spirit it will usually seek out another soul.

For those of you who are more highly evolved Souls, and whose energy center is nearer to their Crown Chakra, you will most likely get more of these disturbances. For the vast majority, who are generally more grounded, with the center of their energy field closer to their base Chakra, you may feel a sense of sudden tiredness and lack of energy which will hopefully pass the moment the spirit leaves your field. If you continue to feel tired you're Aura and Chakras are most likely disturbed and you will need to restore them.

The third is very important whenever we go to sleep, we can become disturbed. Once your conscious mind goes to sleep, which is a vital part of the revitalization of your physical being; this allows part of your Aura to reconnect to the Spirit Realm. Part of your Aura can then leave the Physical Body Aura Field and revisit any place or time it has been before, it does this almost instantly, in the time it takes you to blink your eye. This means that if it visits a place or time in the past, where it had been disturbed before, it will become disturbed again.

This is why you may wake up feeling very tired or listless. There is a very simple way to restore these disturbances, which are dealt with in detail in the Energy section, called Healing Our Energy Fields

Most Aura Disturbances are caused by your internal Unresolved Emotional Issues. To understand fully, whenever your Aura is disturbed; some of your Chakra's will most likely also become disturbed. To completely heal or restore Human Energy Fields the Aura and the Chakras will need to be restored as a separate process. The exception is when you use a simple method described on the Metaphysical Institute web site Energy Section - Healing Fields that you can do for yourself.

Because our Aura, of which your Soul is a part never, dies, the memory of any unresolved emotional disturbances may still be present from your past and present lives on Earth or elsewhere. As mentioned after physical death your Soul goes back to The Spirit World for debriefing, evaluation and healing, where we resolve most of these issue in the Spirit World. However, we also need to resolve any unresolved issues from Earth, on Earth, in some future life. Many Souls carry major issues through many lives, causing increasingly more severe mental and physical health problems.

This is often the cause of hereditary defects that are passed on through generations. If you think of the Aura as the "software" and the body as the "hardware" and if the software is corrupted (disturbed) it may in time affect the hardware, and we suspect the DNA although this is only a relatively small change over many life times it becomes significant.

Why Life Energy Field Healing is so significant and important is because once the corrupted "software" is fixed (disturbed Energy Field is healed) the "hardware" (Physical Body) is created as perfect again in the new life. In many cases this will occur in the current life unless the "hardware" (the Body) is too damaged to repair itself and this is where Doctors and Surgeons are invaluable.

This is only a brief understanding of disturbances of your Aura and Human Energy Fields and the unique methods developed by the Metaphysical Institute to heal and restore them.

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