Schools have always been a boring and a killer activity of creativity for the kids. More often they are found giving reasons and excuses to bunk school and at the other times they are unwilling to compromise with their morning sleep. But as soon as they grow a little older they come to know that education opens the mind and expand it. Years of boring school days proves out to be a wonderful and long lasting experience for life time.

“Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance”. Based on this philosophy world schools in Chennai embraces international diversity and strives for providing academically challenging ambience to the students. They foster curiosity and a sense of responsibility in students, resulting in the growth of lifelong learners and balance or service oriented citizens. World schools in Chennai offers family oriented atmosphere with a vibrant academic setting. The curriculum is designed to provide excellent learning experience along with enriching activities, challenging sports and lasting friendships. The students are also prepared to face the transition into schools in United States as well.

They consist of 30 different nationalities so that students are able to know the variety of cultures in a much better way. They offer American curriculum that serves the international perspectives. They break down the barriers of content, thus making the learning more flexible. Students are also able to celebrate at the end of the year in form of e-portfolio presentations. The programs organized by school helps in growth and development of students in different areas. Along with instrumental commotions, foreign language programs like Spanish or French are also added to the daily curriculum.

Though world schools follow IB curriculum, there are CBSE schools in Chennai that imbibes different perspective within each subject area. The students are encouraged for their spirited participation in seminars, symposiums, discussions, publications, dramatics, public speaking and other activities that helps in improving concentration level of a person. Thus, students acquire learning skills for psychological and social growth.

The guidelines prescribed by Central Board of Secondary Education helps the faculty members in preparing the academic syllabus for all grades of classes. The autonomous syllabus of mathematics and science remains same throughout the country. Kids are also endowed with the skills of preparing for test and examinations.

Also there are many ICSE schools in Chennai that are run by either missionary sisters or brothers. In fact South India has always been acknowledged for its teaching in ICSE pattern. The schools aim at the motto of darkness to light with a set of dedicated and committed teachers who create a child friendly ambience.

The refreshing and innovative seminars, debates and extempore are arranged from time to time in order to increase the verbal skills of the students. Since the medium of instruction is English, students are expected to speak in English only. The school diary is also provided in order to maintain a link between teachers and parents.

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