Not even the greatest inventors and discoverers of all time really “discovered” or “invented” anything, they just became aware of a concept, or a possibility that was there all along. The Earth did not become round, when we discovered it was not flat. The Sun was the Sun long before humans became aware of and started to contemplate the great big yellow object in the sky.

We do not need to re-discover what “everyone knows”; things and concepts that are part of common knowledge.

My seven year old grandson did not need to discover or invent the television set, or the computer. He knows how to turn on a video game system without knowing how electricity works. He learned how to operate a joystick before he knew how to tie his own shoes. He learned how to ride a bicycle without having to invent the wheel. He learns something new every day, and like all children, he learns at an amazing speed, much faster than adults do.

There are also some things he thinks he knows, he believes these things to be true, even though they might not be true. He believes, Santa Claus puts the gifts under the Christmas tree. He believes that there is a positive correlation between eating carrots and having excellent whistling skills. He believes that his grandma can turn bad people and bad children into toads. Well, this last thing is partially true: before I became mindful of and learned to change my terrible choices in men and improved my relationship skills, I used to have an amazing ability to meet Charming Princes and inevitably turn them into Toads.

We “discover”, “invent” or learn new things about new things every day, by trial and error, many times by accident, and often by many years of obsessive search for that certain something that needs to be discovered or invented. Our discoveries either cement the truth of common knowledge or challenge it: new truths emerge, new realities are created, new questions are asked, new answers provided, and new discoveries are made.

The human mind appears to be designed for learning, discovering, questioning, proving and disproving theories, and we appear to be genetically programmed to search for new knowledge, to know the Absolute Truth About Everything.

The truth is, that there is no Truth, only versions of the truth, when we ask a question, we already know the truth; we do not need to know everything in order to know everything that we know.

We do not need to know the laws of aerodynamics, we do not need to know how to build an airplane from scratch, not even how to operate one, in order to fly.

We do not need to know how our body or mind works, in order to function, in order to survive, in order to evolve, and being homo sapiens, “thinking men and women”, we do not need to know we are thinking: we just think.

Whether we know it or not, whether we are aware of it or not, whether we are mindful of it or not, we think, feel and act, we judge, we make choices, we make up our mind and we change our mind constantly, we are creating and re-creating our own, individual reality every minute of every day.

When we, collectively and individually learn to become aware and mindful of our thinking, feeling, emotions, when we become fully aware, mindful, conscious of our mind and the universe, when we learn to change our mind to be mastered by us, instead of being mastered by our mind, then, and only then, we can evolve into homo conscious, conscious man.

The problem is, we HATE to change our mind. We HATE to be proven wrong, we will ridicule, discredit, or down right try to eliminate anybody or anything that might prove what “everyone knows” to be wrong. (Sometimes, it takes a long time: Galileo, who was the first to attest that the Earth was revolving around the Sun, not the other way around. was condemned by the Inquisition, and surely, spent hard time in hell for this blasphemy until the Pope rehabilitated him in 1996, so he could finally go and retire in heaven.)

We do not like to change our mind, because knowing “the truth, the “rules”, knowing “right from wrong” and “doing the right things” makes us feel safe, that is, free from pain, suffering, sickness, imminent death, and eternal damnation in hell after death.

We want to be safe, content and happy, we want to survive, as individuals and as species. Knowing, avoiding and being safe from all evil and dangerous things, we can focus on energies on the more enjoyable and pleasurable aspects of the evolution business: we can eat, drink, be merry, marry, and reproduce via this wonderful process we invented, and like to call “sex”.

The problem is, we also know that we must be careful because too much pleasure leads to danger. We hate danger; it interferes with our being safe, happy and content. To avoid danger, and “bad consequences”, we need to know our limits, we need to know what to eat and drink, how much, how often, we need to know what to avoid like the plague,. we need to know with whom, (or what) we can safely have sex with, how often, how frequently, and in what positions.

In order to have someone to reproduce with, we need to know how to attract, catch and keep the perfect lover. We need to know what gadgets and appliances we need to survive, to fit in, to keep us safe, happy, content, and to enhance our life with more pleasure. We need to know a lot in order to get a job or build a business, we need to know how to make enough money so we can maintain our pleasurable and pain free life.

We need to know how to become richer, more beautiful, bigger, smaller, more endowed, less needy. We need to increase our productivity and decrease our stress level. We need to boost our immunity and lower our cholesterol. We need to know the rules, we need to know how to break the rules, and how to keep others from breaking our rules. We need to think positively, we need to stop thinking negatively, we need to know how to communicate, relate, correlate, coagulate, conjugate, copulate…we need to know so much and we think, we believe, we know, that we can’t afford to be wrong about anything or everything we know.

Yet, if learn and do all the right things all the time, even if we are in the right place at the right time all the time, even if we avoid all the bad things every time and all the time, at the end of time, when time runs out, we know, we think, we believe, that we will grow old, develop wrinkles, and we will die. The most terrifying thing is about death, -besides being final- is that we just don’t KNOW FOR SURE what is going to happen, when we die: the ultimate uncertainty, a question with no answer.

In spite, or because of our struggle to eliminate “bad things” from our life, we create pain, suffering, wars, disharmony, discontent, chaos and fear in our individual and collective life.

That is, if someone does not discover a way to change all of this. That is, if someone does not discover a way to eliminate suffering from our life. That is, if someone does not create a way to achieve world and inner peace. That is if someone does not discover a place where there is no war, no sickness, there is no depression, there is only peace, contentment, joy, and love. Someone should discover such a place, before it is too late. Someone should invent ways to get there, before it is too late.

In fact, such a place and the way to get there does not need be discovered or invented at all It has been there all along, accessible to anyone, any time, you have known all along, how to get there, yet it is literally out of this world.

This place, Nirvana, Heaven, where everything is possible and where nothing is impossible, where there is no suffering, no depression, but there is incredible power, intelligence, contentment, a peace of mind, this place is in all my head, and it is in yours. In the Collective Mind of Humans, in the Mind of the Universe, right next to Universal Consciousness, it is in and it is another State of Mind.

The way to go there is through your mind, the power that will get there is in your mind, the door is in your mind to open, and the key to open up infinite power, possibilities and resources is all in your mind.

Are you ready to go there? All you have to do is to be willing to Change Your Mind.

Author's Bio: 

Gina Lantos is a writer, artist, counselor, coach, facilitator, a creative, passionate, wise and wildly entertaining Modern Gypsy Sage.
Being an ethnic gypsy (Rroma), and having both a genetic disposition for intuitive wisdom and a passionate thirst for cutting edge scientific knowledge, Gina is passionate about and dedicated her life to explore, learn, live and share everything she can about the ways to incorporate ancient wisdom and modern science in order to escape the limitations and trappings of the human mind, and through mindfulness and mindful living, to enable herself and others to become fully aware, to tap into the unlimited power, resources and knowledge of the Universal Consciousness.

Gina continues to explore and share with others the skills and knowledge that is needed to become Masters, rather than being mastered by their mind and to imagine, dream, and create a life that gives them both a peace of mind and an increased sense of power in order to create a balanced, harmonious, abundant, passionate, and compassionate life experience.

Gina complimented her University studies of Anthropology, Psychology, and Business Management with short course completion. A certified Neurolinguistic Practitioner, Gina incorporates Jungian Psychology, Buddhist Zen teachings, Mindfulness Based Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy into her clinical, coaching, business consulting and facilitating practice.

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