The prostate can produce about 0.5-2.0ml of thin milky white prostate fluid every day. Prostatic fluid is an essential part of semen, accounting for about 25% - 33% of the total semen. Chronic prostatitis patients can detect pathogens, such as bacteria, mycoplasma, or chlamydia, but many patients can not detect pathogens.

Clinically, there are often differences between patients' main complaint symptoms and examination results - the main complaint symptoms are apparent, but the examination results are normal.

Urologists have a common understanding: few antibiotics can be effectively applied to all patients with prostatitis. The prostate is a solid organ with a natural barrier, which is not easy to reach when taking antibiotics. Therefore, most patients can choose traditional Chinese medicine treatments, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can go deep into the prostate, effectively improve local blood circulation and promote drug absorption to eliminate symptoms and achieve the purpose of cure. 

At the same time, many doctors will also recommend local warm water hip baths or prostate massage. During local warm water hip bath, attention should be paid to the protection of testicles to avoid soaking testicles in hot water. It can also improve prostate function while treating prostatitis.

It aims to discharge the liquid accumulated in the prostate and continuously produce new prostate liquid-containing drugs. Therefore, the discharge of prostatic fluid is essential in the treatment of prostatitis. In fact, drugs and regular drainage of prostate fluid (prostate massage) play an equally important role in treatment.

In addition, if the infected prostatic fluid of the patient cannot be discharged, more prostatic fluid can be generated and accumulated due to inflammatory stimulation, which can produce the fullness of the lower abdomen and perineum, urethral tingling, and burning. There is white viscous fluid flowing out of the external orifice of the urethra (this is the overflow of prostatic fluid from the prostate). Infected prostatic fluid can further aggravate the inflammation in the prostate and worsen the patient's symptoms.

It should be emphasized that whether there is an apparent infection or not, men should pay attention to the regular discharge of prostate fluid because it is difficult to find out whether there is an infection. It is not easy to distinguish between bacterial prostatitis and nonbacterial prostatitis.

There are three ways to discharge prostatic fluid: ejaculation during sexual intercourse, masturbation, and prostate massage.

The first choice of these three methods is ejaculation during regular sex. This method is suitable for married men. It is appropriate for married men to have sex once or twice a week. At the initial stage of treatment, patients should use condoms during sexual life to avoid mutual infection between husband and wife.

For example, pathogens have been clearly seen during semen culture or untreated patients with prostatitis. Or more than 20 leukocytes are seen in each high-power field of vision in prostate massage fluid. Condoms must be used for sexual life in the first four weeks to avoid infected semen entering the spouse's vagina, causing the spouse to develop vaginitis and infect himself again in the next one-time life. Unmarried patients can choose masturbation to discharge prostate fluid.

Regular prostate massage can relieve local congestion and secretion deposition, remove bacteria and debris in the prostate gland tube, promote drug absorption, promote the regression of inflammation, and relieve perineal symptoms. It is helpful to the treatment and rehabilitation of prostatitis. Moreover, it is especially suitable for patients with recurrent, intractable prostatitis, the discomfort of lower abdominal perineum, heavy and painful urine, soft prostate, and more secretions, or patients with apparent congestion and edema of the prostate via transrectal ultrasound.

Prostate massage is an effective treatment for chronic prostatitis, which is listed in the third place in the "preferred order of treatment for chronic prostatitis." Some studies have found that patients who are ineffective in the antibiotics treatment alone can combine with regular prostate massage to cure or significantly improve clinical symptoms. The eradication rate of bacteria can be close to 100%.

Some studies have also shown that prostate massage can promote the emptying of prostate gland fluid and increase the local drug concentration to alleviate inflammatory symptoms. Combined with other treatments, it can effectively shorten the course of treatment.

In short, moderate sexual life will not cause or induce prostatitis. As long as there is a complete sexual life process, sexual behavior will not increase the burden of the prostate. On the contrary, regular drainage has many benefits for prostate rehabilitation. Prostatitis is not directly related to normal sexual life. Therefore, patients can put down their ideological burden.

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