Dinosaur is one of the most mysterious creatures known to man having become extinct long ago. That they had to be recreated using fossils has made them an exciting experience for children. Dinosaur clothes are routinely used as themes for many parties. In this post, let us take a look at some Dinosaur fabric designs which can use for almost any purpose at home including home décor.

Most dinosaur print fabrics that you find in the market will feature a single large dinosaur spread across the entire length and breadth of the sheet. This also happens to be the pattern most liked by children who are aged less than 10 years. Most of the dinosaurs featured in such fabrics are basically inspired from the Jurassic Park franchise since children can readily identify with them.

Children like these designs because, they get excited by seeing the large size dinosaurs just the same way they get thrilled watching them in theatres. There is no limit to what kind of dinosaurs you will find printed on fabrics. As such, it is difficult to point out any one kind of dinosaur that might be best suited to your child's room. However, you can find thousands of mock images on the internet so that you can choose one.

Another thing that you will consider when choosing Dinosaur fabrics is the background color. You might want to choose a background color which contrasts or matches well with the general theme color you are giving to your kids' room. Some fabrics don't have a background at all - just a dinosaur on plain white flannels.

Others feature jungles with different sky backgrounds, to reflect where they might have lived.

Another favorite pattern in Dinosaur fabric is one which features many small and large dinosaurs flying around all over the flannel. This gives the fabrics a lively feel and these are great for making bed sheets and comforters etc. Here you can choose dinosaurs with the same color for uniformity or contrasting colors to get the kind of variety that might add some energy to the room.

If you want to choose something different and mysterious consider the fabric design where the dinosaurs are all pitch black on a white background. That means you will find the shapes of the dinosaur's bodies without any of the other details. This fabric will look great on a lounge setting or wherever you want to give your place a mystery look.

If you want to make clothes or blankets for very small children, you might want to choose some Dinosaur fleece fabric which features cartoon illustrations of Dinosaurs. Dino, the pet dinosaur of Fred Flintstone is the most famous of these cartoon dinosaurs.

The Dinosaur fabric designs mentioned above are just a few basic ones and should give you a fairly good idea of what you can get at stores. There are thousands of different designs and cannot all be possibly described here. You can combine different fabric designs to create a cool looking home and even using the fabric to make costumes and other sundry cloth items.

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