Hydrogen water is the new trend of the 21st century where people are going crazy about the health benefits of this magical water and the market is flooding with lots and lots of hydrogen water machines along with a number of options available for consumers such as electronic water ionizers also known as life alkaline water ionizers, hydrogen generators, magnesium sticks, non-electric ionizers or filters, hydrogen tablets and powders.

Electronic Water Ionizer

Electronic water ionizers are the most proven water machines. While they are also the most convenient and easy way to create molecular hydrogen also known as H2. Moreover, these ionizers offer other benefits like alkaline water or acidic water with a touch of a button that enables you to use the water in a myriad of functional ways.

Another added benefit is in the ionization process is that the levels of fluoride ions and chemical compounds such as nitrates, phosphates, and cyanide are reduced as they get attracted towards the acid water side. While electronic water ionizers are the only method for generating H2 that carry approval as a health device.

All the water ionizers available in the market employ a patented technology that reverses the polarity with every use ensuring that the plates are maintained in a pristine condition and also preserving their ability to generate therapeutic levels of H2. While all the filters reduce the contaminants to 99.9% EPA-certified lab tests.

However, these water ionizers are not affordable for everyone or practical in all situations.

Non-Electric Ionizers or Filters

There are many natural springs around the world like Nordenau, Tlacote, and Hita Tenryosui where the water contains naturally dissolved molecular hydrogen along with alkaline minerals. But the hydrogen level from these springs is below the H2 level possible from an average water ionizer.

While if quality filters are used in non-electric ionizers then contaminants will be removed and the helpful minerals are allowed to pass through. These filters also create clean and healthy water that is designed to imitate nature’s healing springs. Alike, life ionizers filters, these filters also generates H2 along with clean, alkaline, ionized water.

Any non-electric countertop ionizers will give filtered alkaline pH and ionized water on demand. Because H2 produced depends on how long the water stays in the filter between each use.

Where else magnesium requires a certain amount of contact time with water before it can transform into H2.

Hydrogen Tablets and Powders

Another way of producing H2 infused water is from metallic magnesium in the form of tablets or powders. While there are a number of products available on these in the market today. Where some are formulated to dissolve water producing the H2 reaction in a container before you consume it.

Others are formulated to be ingested with the H2 being produced in the stomach. Since these products consist mainly of a special form of magnesium which is not only safe but beneficial to ingest.

The preferred method is to use a tablet that dissolves in water because the H2 saturation levels can easily be tested and documented. Tablets create H2 infused water in approx 20 minutes. All you need to do is drop a tablet into an airtight bottle of water and you will see hydrogen bubbles forming. Just infuse it with the powerful health properties of H2. In fact, the hydrogen tablets and powders produce the most potent concentration of hydrogen.

Moreover, hydrogen is the smallest element occupying the first position on the periodic table. However, molecular hydrogen is similarly the smallest molecule. While the Alkaviva.com offers hydrogen tablets that can be dissolved in water and has been verified to produce a consistent saturation level up to twice the amount or more than that of a new hydrogen stick.


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