In human society, relationships are given a lot of importance. They are considered a necessary phase of life and even encouraged in many cultures. Having a romantic partner is something most of us look for during our adult lives. Someone to stand by you and hold your hand when you need it most. However, at times we don’t find the right person or we have to wait a while to have that and we are single at some point in our lives. Happiness is a choice we can make and not depend on having a partner for being happy. Being happy is required to live a healthy life. So, if you are single and want to be happy here are a few things you can do to go that way.


Self-development is something which will always make you feel satisfaction even when you aren’t in a relationship. It is something related only to you and you control it. You may not have been able to control the path your relationship went on, but this is in your hands. Look at your career or personal interests and focus on them. Put all your passion and goals into these areas that help you develop yourself. You will find equivalent or similar happiness when you do this.

Meaningful acts

Enjoy life’s moments and immerse yourself in meaningful activities. Happiness depends on how you spend your time with or without a relationship. Many couples who are still together may not be happy, so being single and happy is more important.Enjoy moments as they are happening. Too many people focus on sadness and forget to live life in the present. Enjoy what you have, take part in activities that mean something to you and don’t worry about what isn’t happening right.

Connecting with those who care

There are people in your life who love you and care for you. Look beyond your romantic partner and you will see friends, family, neighbours or colleagues. All of them have some interest in what you are doing – not for selfish reasons but because they think of you and care for you. Connect with these people who matter and focus on them. Give them your time and attention, spend dates with them and you will see that happiness isn’t limited to a romantic partner.

Have fun

Don’t spend alone time at home, moping. Go out and have fun or be at home and do things that you like. It is crucial to not separate yourself from the outside world when you are single. This is one life and you must live it the best way you can. There may be physical needs and options such as phone sex will help you manage them. Go on dates with friends, explore, don’t shut yourself off. Be there and live in the moment

Pursue passion

Think about what motivates you – arts, professional accomplishment, helping others. It could be anything that you really like doing. Often when we are in relationships, we tend to keep things aside or hold back on doing some things that we really wanted. But now is the time to go forward, to look forward and do everything that you wanted to. We should never be holding back on doing things that we want. When we are passionate about something, we will be motivated to do that and it will bring us satisfaction and even happiness.

Celebrate Victories

Celebrate any victories that come your way – be it small or big. You got a bonus, a promotion, you lost weight, got on a healthy diet – whichever milestone you achieved, celebrate and recognize your efforts. The world will not praise you and you must do it yourself.

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