The Auto Window Tinting vary from one place to another and depends mostly on the kind of climate in your area like different in Window Tinting Orlando. However, all tinting films must provide minimum protection against the sun, even if you live in a cold region where the sun is rarely out. There are so many types of window films to choose from that it can be quite confusing. At the most basic level there are 6 different types and knowing the benefits of each one can help you make the right choice.You can get these service from Flying Window Tinting in Orlando. Moreover, you can get information freely.

Why the different qualities

The reason why they have different types or qualities of films is that they prove it over the years. the first film they made was it died film and that was made in the 1990s in the beginning of the Automotive fountain. In the beginning of the window tint Market Automotive Window Tint was designed just for privacy I'm cutting down clear from coming in your car. then in the early 2000 they design the Metalized film.

This was a big turning point for a window tint in Orlando as it kept out a lot more heat from coming in your car. So now people had the protection from the clear and the security of people not seeing your car and now it added heat rejection keeping the car cooler while you and your family Drive.

Then in 2012, they designed the ceramic film. ceramic film keeps out a lot more heat than the metalloids found. also with all the electronics nowadays with wireless sensors cell phone signals navigation a lot of these electronic signals or low-frequency signals. With the old Metalized film it did, we can electronic signals and sometimes it had an effect on how your senses working your car and also reducing your cell phone signal I'm having a lot of Job Calls and weak areas beard.

Dyed Window Tinting

If you are on a budget, this can be the perfect choice of Auto Window Tinting for you. They are relatively inexpensive and block sunlight using multiple layers of dye. The dye absorbs solar heat and prevents some of the heat from entering your vehicle. However, dyed Window Films does not keep hold very much heat. Also, like the newer films they don't have the material in it that protects it from fading.

The more expensive films have materials like metal or ceramic that prevents fading. Also as a died from gets older and fades the lighter it gets less heat keeps out the car.

It has an opaque appearance that makes it a good choice for increasing privacy. Dyed Auto Window Tint Orlando will fade over time and needs to be replaced. They provide some level of heat reduction but it is not as high as other counterparts.

The main advantages of dyed window films include the following:

Gives you privacy while you drive
Reduces glare shining in your eyes while driving
Reduced-cost compared to higher quality tints
Privacy while driving

Metalized Window Tinting

Similar to dyed films, metalized Auto Window Tint also helps in filtering out heat by reflecting it. But these films make use of tiny metallic particles to block sunlight instead of using dye. These particles are almost invisible and are embedded within the film.Metalized window film thicker films and that makes it a bit more durable against scratching.

The shatter-resistance will increase significantly when metalized film is installed over the windows. This type of film can be recognized by its shine. It has higher scratch-resistance compared to dyed Auto Window Tint.

The main advantages of metalized window films include the following:

Highly effective in blocking out heat.
Effective glare reduction.
Efficient UV blocking.
Metalized window tinting is durable and can last for a longer time without fading.

Ceramic Window Tinting

If you are looking for high-quality Auto Window Tint ceramic tint films can be the perfect option. It contains ceramic particles known for their nonconductive properties. A relatively new type of tinting, it is expensive yet proven for its performance. It can block up to 70% of solar heat without blocking visibility. While metallic tinting offers similar benefits, it can affect the functioning of electronic equipment because it reduces the strength of the signals. Ceramic films provide an effective and efficient alternative.

In a lot of states where they have strict laws and window tinting sometimes you're only allowed to put on very light films like 50% or 70%. with ceramic tint, you can get very light films that keep out a lot of heat an infrared from coming in your car. We carry a brand called air blue 80 made from llumar that is virtually a clear film it only rejects 20% of light but the heat rejection on that is 43% which is almost as high as using a dark Metalized film.

The main advantages of ceramic window films include the following:

It gives a lifetime warranty
It protects 99% UV rays
The heat rejection is the highest of all window films
The clarity is a lot higher than all the shelves
Ceramic is one of the more durable materials in the window tint
Wont interfere with any cell phone signals or car sensors
Approved by dealerships for new car warranties


In conclusion when you're in the market for window tint for your truck or car. It is important that you research exactly what you want I don't want benefits you need from the window tint. Window tint has been around for nearly 40 years and the quality has improved quite a bit. Now you have options for different types of window tint. The newest type of ceramic film is more expensive but the benefits are a lot more. Many people when shopping there looking for the least expensive tint because they think all window Tint does the same.

But that is not so because people need to research before picking on the type of film that they want to purchase. The better quality film cost a few more dollars if you spread it out over time where the average person keeps a car for 5 years. A few more dollars per month might be well worth it as most people spend nearly two hours a day in their car.

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